Reflect what makes you unique.

Crafted for you

We started with the shape. Designing with new materials that are traditionally shaped and molded by hand, we were inspired by natural elements, and took cues from the artisans of history.

The metal frame surrounding the body, composed of a beautiful brushed anodized aluminum with chamfered edges, features intricate etchings created with the same techniques as fine jewelry that dazzle as they move in the light. Not forgetting to balance pure aesthetics with utilitarian design, the OnePlus X screen is created with strengthened, scratch-resistant glass that will withstand the test of time and everyday use.

Our latest product cultivates a new level of craftsmanship and artisanal luxury in smartphone design. With a simple touch of a finger, some of the best hardware in the world springs to life to await your command. Dark beveled-edge glass on both sides complete a device that is a beauty to hold. With its sleek build, we’ve made sure that you can comfortably type and navigate at ease with one hand.

Available in limited edition Ceramic crafted from zirconia ceramic or black glass Onyx. Simply gorgeous, and exquisitely striking. The OnePlus X is as elegant as it is powerful.

Never quite like this.

The Ceramic Story

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Everything starts with the selection of exquisite zirconia sourced from Australia. The 25-day process used to craft the OnePlus X Ceramic begins when the mineral is taken from its natural form and ground into finely-milled sand. From there, the zirconia sand is laid onto an individual mold, becoming a perfect canvas for the OnePlus X.

Precision is key. With a methodical laser-cut procedure using the same techniques as cutting gemstones, the razor-thin zirconia mold is perfected and incised with an opening for the camera lens. This is when the zirconia is still delicate, therefore each piece is carved with meticulous care.

It takes incredible heat to transform this canvas into a ceramic marvel. Very slowly, and very carefully, the zirconia molding makes its way through the kiln. Like pottery, the raw zirconia is baked at a temperature of 1,480ºC for 28 hours, and this process is repeated again and again until the ceramic is of the utmost quality.

After cooling and settling for two days, three polishing treatments are applied for an immaculate, smooth finish. The surface, bezels, and details of the ceramic are repeatedly treated to achieve an incomparable look.

Before the journey ends and it is finally set in the metal frame of the device, the ceramic is subject to only the most rigorous quality inspections, ensuring that if you’re holding one in your hands, it is completely free from imperfections. We don’t think you deserve anything less.

Turn heads.

Designed to be Beautiful

Simply beautiful from every angle, the OnePlus X Ceramic combines an astonishing form factor with precise craftsmanship.

Holding the device in your hands, it feels as solid as marble, yet light thanks to its spritely build. With an iridescent black finish and sharp, beveled edges that catch the light at each turn, the Ceramic finish seems as multi-faceted as a gemstone.

With a hardness of 8.5H on the Mohs scale, worrying about scratching your device is a thing of the past. Each one is constructed and fortified with meticulous care.

Our most magnificent device yet takes nearly a month to create. Only a very small number of OnePlus X Ceramic will be created. It’s a smartphone that is truly like no other.

Notifications your way.

Alert Slider

Focus on what’s really important. Bringing new control to devices, our unique Alert Slider is a simple and intuitive solution. With three settings, you can choose to receive all notifications, priority-only, or no notifications without having to turn on your screen.

The Alert Slider is fashioned with a ridged mesh cut for excellent grip, so you’ll always have full control over your notifications wherever you go. Drown out the noise, but without missing a thing.

Breathtaking in every detail.


Featuring a 5” Active Matrix OLED screen boasting a high contrast ratio, your smartphone experience is made brighter, sharper, and more dazzling with the OnePlus X. With light behind every pixel, the AMOLED screen encompasses unmatched dynamic range, color saturation, and color accuracy that will make for fantastic graphic content. Fashioned individually from sheets of fortified glass, each touchscreen is incredibly thin, alluring, and scratch-resistant.

With an ideal resolution of 441 PPI, the OnePlus X screen is as sharp as the human eye is capable of viewing, and all without sacrificing your battery life. Making full use of the battery-saving AMOLED technology, our new Ambient Display means your phone wakes up to tell you when an important notification arrives. It’s truly gorgeous to behold and covetable from every angle – reflective of the equally cutting-edge inside.

Refect your individuality.


Change the overall look of your device with the choice of five distinctively textured cases. Whether it’s the world-renowned Nan Bamboo or Moroccan Black Apricot Wood, protect your OnePlus X with a completely different material. Stand out by design.

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