OnePlus X - OnePlus


Exquisite design – built from fire-baked
Ceramic or Onyx black glass.

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The OnePlus X is about exploring contrasts and harmony. It’s about expressing individuality in modern urban life, the conflict between traditional craft and manufacturing, and balance between design and technology. Reflections of where you are, and where you’re going to be.

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We believe that a smartphone should feel instinctive, fluid, and undeniably effortless.

The OnePlus X celebrates a love story of aesthetics and a unique, premium material: zirconia ceramic. Designing technology with ceramics has been attempted – but never before mastered like this. Cultivating a new level of craftsmanship and artisanal luxury in smartphone design, we present to you our most elegant device yet.

There’s a story behind every OnePlus X.

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Built from the most advanced sensors, the OnePlus X camera with autofocus is blazingly fast – designed for high-quality photos whenever and wherever you are.

Take photos that astonish with the 13MP f/2.2 rear camera for unmatched depth and perception. Colors are true to life with optimized white balance and saturation, ensuring your photos always capture the real tones of your subjects. With the help of our unique and industry leading imaging processor, the most important components of a perfect photo are always brought to the forefront. Equipped with ISOCELL technology, light sensitivity is increased for sharper images and less noise.

The front-facing shooter on the OnePlus X leads the way in unmatched quality with an 8MP camera, f/2.4 aperture, and supported Beauty Mode for effortless, flawless photos every time.

No moment is too fleeting with the OnePlus X’s autofocus powered by Phase Detection AF, focusing on subjects in 0.2 seconds. Use any of our three optimized shooting modes to find that perfect shot: Auto, HDR, or Clear Image. Shoot crisp, 1080p HD video, with added options for time-lapse and slow motion.

As one of the most important experiences in any smartphone, our team of engineers faced the challenge of reworking the OnePlus X cameras in a way that made them powerful, quick, and intuitive. So, that’s exactly what they did. With amazingly fast photo-taking speeds that blow the competition out of the water, you’ll find yourself reaching for the OnePlus X again and again. Fall in love after the sound of just one click.

Wonderfully vibrant


Find the deepest blacks to the most vivid colours that can be conjured on screen all right on your OnePlus X. Enjoy faster response times and improved sunlight viewability that cater to everyone’s individual expressions, leaving you in awe every single time.

Efficient and powerful


Technology is not the polar opposite of design. Inside out, our latest device masters the balance between performance and beauty. Equipped with a premium and highly-acclaimed processor, you can be confident that your OnePlus X will always work exactly the way you want it to. Advanced mobile tasks are made easy and fast. Capture stunning 1080p video, enjoy optimized battery life, and stream high-quality videos with ease.

Heavy-duty graphics are brought to life with a powerful graphics chip with formidable memory for desktop­like processing power. The OnePlus X was built to be reliable as well as beautiful.

All of your files are incredibly easy to manage right inside the phone. For even more storage, you can add formidable amounts with your own microSD card. Take everything with you -- no limits.

OnePlus Radio brings FM stations straight to your smartphone in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. So whether you’re on the go, hanging out at home, or spending study sessions in the library, tune in and discover a whole new world of ideas.

A device as important as your phone needs to be ready whenever you are, so we’ve made sure that you never have to worry about running low on power before your day is done. The OnePlus X hardware and software is optimized to last with enhanced battery stamina. Enjoy hours of web­browsing, listening to music, or other daily tasks. For the modern user who’s always on their feet.

Giving you the freedom to discover the world


Go anywhere and be connected. Your OnePlus X is unlocked and capable of using dual standby SIM cards with 4G speeds right out of the box. You have the freedom to use it all over the globe, no questions asked.

Clean and beautiful


Want to know what a refreshingly light and bespoke mobile experience feels like? Say hello to OxygenOS. Built to further your distinctiveness, it’s made up of everything you need in a smartphone operating system, and nothing you don’t.


Without the need to open up and unlock your phone, control functions by tracing simple shapes on the sleeping screen. Best of all, just a quick double tap and the OnePlus X springs to life.


An exclusive glance-friendly feature of OxygenOS for easy access to all of your most important information. With a quick swipe, an overview of your favorite contacts, apps, recent calls, widgets and more will slide into view.

Custom buttons

The OnePlus X plays by your rules. Customize the functions of your device’s navigation buttons to build a smartphone experience tailored to you.

App permissions

Refine the personal information that your apps have access to. We put the power in your hands, not your apps'.

Accent colors

Reflect your personality and bring your device to life with just a few quick modifications. The choices are endless.

Ambient display

Catch an overview of your latest notifications, or let the intuitive proximity sensor wake up your phone when you remove it from your pocket with Ambient Display.