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Rules of OnePlus Photography Awards 2021

1. Deadline

Sept. 10th, 2021 – 11:59pm (UTC+8)

2. Prizes

Category winners (5 Categories with Gold, Silver, Bronze Prize) : Gold Prize 5K USD & 1 OnePlus 9,
Silver Prize 2K USD & 1 OnePlus 9
Bronze Prize 1K USD & 1 OnePlus 9

Photo of the Year from OnePlus Group (1): 10K USD & OnePlus 9 Pro

Photo of the Year from Public Group (Non-OnePlus Users) (1): 10K USD & OnePlus 9 Pro

*The Photo of the Year are selected from the winners of the 5 categories, and the winner will only receive the final prize.

3. Who is eligible to participate in the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021?

The smartphone users worldwide who have full capacity for civil conduct as stipulated by laws and regulations in the country or region where they live. The works that have won awards in other photography contests or have been published in any public journals are unaccepted in the Awards.

4. The competition has 5 categories in total.

Main Categories:
1) Wide World: Show the breadth of the world through Ultra Wide Camera
2) True Color: Display the true and natural color in the daily life
3) Night City: Capture the night scenes of the cities
4) Your Face: Capture the faces that are memorable for you
Social Media Category:
5) YourBestShot: Post your best creation and tag #YourBestShot on Social Media Platform. This category does not have the topic limitation and only belongs to Social Media Platform.

5. How can I participate in the Awards?

Method 1: You can submit your works through the official website of the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 at You can join the first 4 categories only through official website. If you want to choose #YourBestShot category, you need to use method 2.
Method 2: Contestants can post their entries on social media(Instagram) and use hashtag #YourBestShot #OPA2021 to participate in the Awards. However, in this method, you can only join the category 5 without topic limitation. To be specific, if you submit your entries on social media, you will be only in the category 5 whichever topics you choose.
The submission via email is unaccepted.

*After the submission deadline for the competition, in order to ensure the fairness of the competition, you will no longer be able to upload or change your work.
*You cannot delete your entries on social media platform until October 25th, 2021.

6. Do I have to shoot my works by using OnePlus smartphone?

All the works in the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 shall be shot using smartphones, but it is not mandatory to use OnePlus smartphones, without any limit to the photography time and the brand and model of the smartphone.

7. What are the specifications for the works?

1) The works are only expected to be processed on the smartphones (the third-party software installed on the smartphone is acceptable as well)
2) The works are only in the JPG format. The short side of each photo shall be no less than 1000 pixels and the size of a single photo shall be no more than 4 megabytes.

8. Is there any upper limit to the number of my works?

In each category, you can submit 6 photos at most. You can join all 5 categories. You cannot submit the same photos through different channels.

9. What should I do if my works fail to be uploaded?

Please contact the sponsor at if you have any problems with uploading the entries.

10. How do I know which category of awards my entries go for?

You are expected to read the definitions of each category of awards before signing up and submitting your entries to what you deem the most matching category.

11. Could I put my works in more than one category?

Yes, you can. One image submitted to different categories will be regarded as multiple entries. If your works win more than one prize, the prize will be awarded only according to the highest award awarded.

12. Jury & Judging Criteria

OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 collaborates with IPA. Therefore, all professional judges from the jury will come from the IPA Jury pool.
In the end, the jury will choose 1 gold, silver, and bronze winner from each of the 5 categories. Also, they will choose 1 Photo of the Year from OnePlus Group and 1 Photo of the Year from Public Group (Non-OnePlus Users).

13. Participants represent and warrant that:

1) The Photographs are original and that they own the rights to their Photographs,
2) The Photographs do not violate the rights of any third party,
3) The Photographs do not convey a false or misleading impression,
4) Any additional information they submit about the Photographs is accurate.
5) The photos submitted by the author should be the initial submission. That is, this work (including but not limited to the original version, the edited derivative work and etc..) shall not be used before to participate in any photography-related public or non-public competitions, events and/or exhibitions.

14. Result Announcement

The results will be announced on November 1st, 2021. The list of winners will be displayed on the official website. Sponsor will notify the winners via email.

OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 – Terms and Conditions

The OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 is a mobile phone photography contest launched and operated by OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, in partnership with the International Photography Awards (IPA). (Hereinafter referred to as “OnePlus”, “we” or “sponsor”).

General Clause

1. You are qualified for the Awards only if you are eighteen (18) years old.

2. You have the right to opt for or against the participation in the Awards. Your part or full participation in the Awards will be deemed to fully understand and agree with the entire content of the Terms and Conditions, including the contest rules and the interpretations stipulated herein.

3. The judging rules in the Awards apply only to the works that comply with the participation rules.

Terms of Rules

1. The schedule of the Awards: Entry submission will begin on July 2nd, 2021. The end of submission is at 23:59 on September 10th, 2021 (UTC+8) (description of time hereinafter refers to Beijing local time UTC+8); and the awards will be announced on November 1st, 2021(Please refer to the “Rules of OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” on Awards page to see entry requirements and methods.); and the awards will be released for the public summons from November 1st, 2021 to November 14th, 2021.

2. The cutoff date for submission is 23: 59 on September 10th, 2021. After the cutoff date, for the sake of the fairness of the Awards, you will be unable to upload the works and will not be allowed to alter the works you have uploaded. If you want to delete your entries from your submission profile, please contact us at

3. How can I participate in the Awards? You can submit your works through the official website of the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 at The submission via the email will not be accepted. When submitting your works through the website, you need to register and log on the website with your own registered account and authorize the sponsor of the Awards to use the account as your only identity so that you can upload, check and manage your works. To this end, the sponsor will collect your account ID and user profile information. Your information will not be used for any other purposes than the purpose of the Awards.

4. Judging rules: The works that every candidate uploaded will be reviewed by the working staff of the Awards and then qualified for the appraisal and jury voting once they pass the review. After the deadline for submission, the organizing committee and the preliminary judging panel will select the photos to enter the final review based on the composition beauty, the creativity of the angle, the theme meaning, the relevance to the themes and etc.. The selected works will be for public summons on the official website before the expert panel select the excellent works according to the same criteria. In the event that any work violates relevant rules and regulations or infringe on others’ rights and interests, or violates the Terms and Conditions of the Awards, or that any candidate is disqualified from the Awards or the appraisal and selection, and the next immediate work or candidate will fill in the vacancy left by the disqualified one.

5. The works for the public summons: the winning works selected by the expert panel will be released for the public summons on the official website of the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 (for 35 days), during which any organization or individual has the right to raise any objection to the works that infringe legitimate rights of any third party, and to contact the sponsor by After the tip-off information proves to be true and justifiable, and the works prove to have the infringement act like copycatting or stealing, the works in question will be disqualified for the contest and the awards, and the corresponding candidate shall bear the liabilities therefor.

6. Number of winners and awards:

Photographer of the Year (1) from OnePlus group • Prizes:
• $10,000 USD
• 1 OnePlus 9 Pro
• An award certificate
Photographer of the Year (1) from Public group • Prizes:
• $10,000 USD
• 1 OnePlus 9 Pro
• An award certificate
Category Winners (5 Units with Gold, Silver, Bronze prize) • Prizes:
• Gold Prize: $5,000 USD
• Silver Prize: $2,000 USD
• Bronze Prize: $1,000 USD
• 1 OnePlus 9 for each winner
• An award certificate
* All cash prizes are tax inclusive—applicable taxes to be paid by the winner.
* Award certificates will be jointly issued by OnePlus and IPA.

7. Your entries should be shot by smartphones. There is no requirement for the shooting time or brand or model of the smartphone. You shall make sure that your entries possess the independent, complete, precise and uncontroversial copyright, that your entries do not infringe on any legal rights of any third parties, including the copyright, trademark right, right of portrait, right of reputation and right of privacy.

Your entries shall not contain any content that violates or infringes on any rights of any other party, including but not limited to the copyright, trademark right, right of privacy, right of publicity, or other intellectual property rights and civil rights;

• Your entries shall not disparage the sponsor or any other individual or party by any means;
• Your entries shall not contain the improper, crude, erotic or infringing content, or the content that shows hatred, spread ruors and convey libel.
• Your entries shall not contain the content that propagates prejudice against any groups or individuals or the discrimination against any races, or show hatred or injury; or the content that supports the discrimination against any races, religions, nationalities, handicap, sexual orientations or ages.
• Your entries shall not contain the content that is illegal, breaks laws or violates rules and regulations or the social morality (if applicable) of any jurisdictions where the entry was created and submitted .
• Your entries shall not propagate illegal drugs and guns (or use either of the two items), any activity that looks unsafe or dangerous, or any information that carries any specific political motives. Meanwhile, your entries shall be aligned to the brand image and values of the sponsor and comply with and meet the purposes of the contest.

8. The entries are expected to be processed only using smartphones (the third-party software installed on the smartphone is acceptable as well). Photos shall be in jpg format, with the short side no less than 1000 pixels, and single data volume no more than 20 megabytes.

9. The candidate shall not use by any means the photos or videos that others shot as part or full entries of his or her own, otherwise the sponsor has the right to disqualify his or her participation and other rights. In case that any disputes arise from the breach of the aforesaid rule by any of the candidates, he or she shall undertake all liabilities by him or herself.

10. This contest will not collect any fee or return any entries, and accept the entries only in the electronic format. The candidate shall bear all the losses and consequences by him or herself if his or her works fail to be submitted or disapproved, and his or her works will not be returned and the re-submission will not be accepted.

11. The candidates shall pledge to comply with the relevant rules and regulations of applicable law and regulation of the country where he or she lives, and shall not publish or upload any works that involves politics, eroticism, violence, terrorism, among others, and that violate laws and regulations. Those works that violate the applicable laws and regulations, or that the sponsor deems damaging to the public order and social morality will be disqualified for the Awards. The works that do not comply with the rules of the Awards will be disqualified for the awards, and their awards will also be withdrawn if they are selected as the winning works. The sponsor has the right to withdraw the prize, award, medal, certificate and other honors, and publish the non-compliance and withdrawal on the official website of the Awards and other media outlets.

12. You shall agree and admit that the personal information you offered is true, including your name, phone number, email address and postal address, so that the sponsor can contact you and present the awards to you. The sponsor shall collect and deal with your personal information only for the aforesaid purposes and in the scope that the relevant laws allow for. Please see “Privacy Policy” for more information. You are expected to ensure the completeness and accuracy of your provided personal information. After the awards are announced, the sponsor will contact the winners by email and verify their registration information. Where any untrue, inaccurate or incomplete personal information provided leads to the failure for the sponsor to contact the winner in 30 working days and consequently to present the awards to the winner, it will be deemed that the winners waive the awards. And the sponsor will not bear any liabilities or present later the awards. The winners shall confirm if the awards and prize are intact upon receipt. The winners shall inform the sponsor of the abnormalities if any with 30 days after the receipt of the awards and prize. The sponsor shall not bear any liabilities for any accidents caused by other factors than the quality problem of the awards or the sponsor’s intentional or serious irresponsible behaviors.

13. In case that your entries are on the shortlist, the sponsor will contact you via the email address or phone number that you have offered. For this sake, you are required to submit the original copy of your entries, your own personal information, the copyright statement, the authorization statement about your entries, and other required documents. The duplicated versions of all the above documents shall be signed and then sent by express to the sponsor. In the event that the contact information you offered is incorrect so that the sponsor fails to contact you, or if you make it clear that you give up or fail to submit the above documents within the stipulated period, or if the documents you offered fail to comply with the rules by the sponsor, or for your personal reasons, this will be deemed as your waiver of the qualification for the shortlist, and the vacancy you left will be filled by the highest ranked of the non-shortlisted candidates.

14. Non-cash prizes presented shall not be exchanged for cash. In case that the prize fails to be presented owning to unforeseen circumstances, the sponsor has the right to grant another prize equivalent in value to the original item, but the substitute prize shall not be exchanged for cash either. All the cash prizes involved in any awards can be paid only by bank telegraphic transfer. Any additional fee charged by the transfer bank will be paid by the winner according to the applicable laws of the country where he or she lives. The physical prize (like the smartphone) and award certificate will be delivered by express to your designated address.

15. The pictures of all the prizes are only for your reference, from which the physical prizes may be slightly different. If any quality problems occur to the prizes, the winner shall directly contact the manufacturer or the sponsor of the prize to have them execute the returned, changed or repaired according to relevant regulations. Unless the fact that the sponsor is the manufacturer of the prizes, or that the sponsor knows the defect of the prizes but not inform the winner of the defect, the sponsor shall not bear any liabilities to compensate the winner for the quality problem of the prizes.

16. The individual income tax arising from the contest will be borne by the winner him or herself, and the sponsor of OnePlus will decide if the tax is withheld according to the relevant tax regulations. The freight charge arising from the mailing of the prizes will be borne by the sponsor.

License Clause

1. All the materials on the official website of the “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” are under protection by the copyright laws of the countries around the world. Without the prior written consent of OnePlus, no one shall reference, modify, distribute copies, display or authorize others to use and make marketing materials and etc. (hereinafter referred to as “use”) the aforesaid materials for commercial or non-commercial purpose by any means, including duplication, modification, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, licensing, sale or publication. If any candidate needs to use the materials on the official website of the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 for any other purposes than the proper individual purpose shall obtain the prior written consent from OnePlus.

2. The candidates shall agree to give non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable authorization the sponsor and the affiliated entities to use their works as from the submission date as part of the activities and material to promote the Awards for free, and to use the works for the global online media, print media, printed materials, photography exhibition, retail shops, roadshows, digital media, outdoor media, among other channels to introduce the Awards and its content. For that reason, the sponsor will not separately notify the candidate of or require his or her consent to using his or her works.

Disclaimer and liability restriction clause

1. Disclaimer

• Each one of the candidates shall recognize that the entries by other candidates may have the similar creative ideas or concepts to your own. Every candidate shall understand and agree that he or she shall not lodge any claim from the sponsor due to the similarity of the creative ideas or concept.
• Although OnePlus will try its best to provide as accurate and the latest information as possible on the official website of the “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021”, OnePlus does not guarantee or offer any statements about the accuracy, correctness, reliability or other aspects about the information, and shall not bear any liabilities for the omission or incorrectness (including but limited to typos and technical errors) of the information.
• You shall be responsible for any risks that occur to you when you use the information or browse the website. OnePlus or any parties engaged in building, making or delivering the website, the title sponsors and supporters of the contest, or the third party and partners affiliated to OnePlus shall not bear any liabilities for the incidental, indirect or punitive damages, including but not limited to the damage to computer facilities or virus infection, or other property damage, arising from the visit, use, browsing or downloading of any materials, data, texts, photos, videos or audios. Besides the aforesaid items, all the content on the website is provided “as is”, but no explicit or implicit guarantee will be offered, including but not limited to any implicit guarantee about the merchantability, applicability for a certain purpose or non-infringement of the content.

2. Liability Restriction Clause

• Where relevant rules and regulations permit, the sponsor has the final right to interpret all the relevant matters of the Awards, including but not limited to the standard terms and conditions of the official rules of the Awards, and the final award result by the expert panel has the binding force on this contest. The participation in the contest indicates that the candidate fully understands and agrees with the Terms and Conditions of the Awards and the decision by the panel. • The participation in the contest will be deemed as your agreeing with the Terms and Conditions. In case that any violation of the Terms and Conditions occurs, the sponsor has the right to disqualify the candidate for the appraisal and selection. In case that any dispute arises from the breach of the Terms and Conditions by any of the candidates, he or she shall undertake all liabilities by him or herself, and the sponsor disclaims any and all liability arising from the aforesaid dispute.

3. OnePlus reserves the right to adjust the aforesaid rules in a reasonable range in accordance with the relevant criteria and common practices of the similar contests. If the adjustment involves the substantial changes, which will affect your rights and obligations, OnePlus will inform you in a proper manner. You are expected to check the Terms and Conditions regularly to ensure your understanding of any alterations by OnePlus. Your continued use of the website after the alteration of the rules means that you accept these binding forces of the alterations or/and modifications to the Terms and Conditions.

Dispute Resolution Clause

1. Any disputes arising from or related to the contest shall be settled through friendly negotiations. If the disputes fail to be settled through friendly negotiations within 5 days after the start date of the negotiation, both parties agree to submit the disputes to a People’s Court with jurisdiction of Futian District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong Province, China for litigation. Laws of the People’s Republic of China(excluding laws of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) shall apply, without regard to its conflict of law principles.

2. Please see “Rules of OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” for more information, rules and requirements about the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021.

Privacy Policy

The“OnePlus Photography Awards 2021”is a service platform (hereinafter referred to as the “platform”) provided by OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “OnePlus”, “we” or “us”) on which you can participate in the global event by uploading mobile photography works to this platform.
In OnePlus, we take the security of your personal information and privacy very seriously. We will take suitable measures to protect your personal information according to laws and regulations, as well as the mature security standards in the industry.

• As a global contest, the works and their relevant information you uploaded for “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” will be exhibited worldwide under your authorization. Other users may view your works and your account, user name, and profile photo on the website of the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021.
• By uploading works on the platform, you agree to submit your works for the Awards and authorize the OnePlus’ Official Partner IPA to judge your works.
• To judge the works you uploaded, we need to collect your email address or mobile phone number to contact you during the judging process and confirm that your works comply with the participation requirements.
•To optimize the platform’s operation, the information you provided such as your age, and location will be analyzed and only used for purposes related to the statistical analysis on the platform operation.

1. How do we collect and use your personal information?

(1) Register and log in to the platform To participate in the “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021”, we will collect your account ID, temporary authentication credentials, and the location of your account services (country or region).

(2) Add and revise your personal informationTo participate in the Awards, you need to provide your name and email address. We will contact you accordingly to confirm with you that your works are original; and for the award winners, we need to get your name, address, mobile phone number, email address and bank account to give out prizes. In the event of any personal income tax withholding, we will contact you separately for your provision of the scanned copies of your ID or passport after obtaining your prior consent. In the meantime, to verify that your age meets the requirements of the Awards, we may need to collect your age information. You may update your personal information at any time.
To guarantee your rights and interests during the participation, please make sure that the contact information you provided is accurate. Otherwise, we may not be able to verify your works and/or identity, thus failing to judge, review, or award your works.

(3) Participate and upload worksYou may participate in the Awards before the “End of Submission” and we will record your registration information. Your works and relevant information will be collected upon the uploading, including their titles, descriptions, categories, location of photographing, models of mobile phones, and the EXIF of the photos(hereinafter referred to as “works information”). These information, together with your “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” ID, will be stored in our servers for centralized judging of all works submitted worldwide. We will inform the operational staff in your region of the results, who will then contact you as our representative, verify your works and give out prizes. Please note that you will not be able to upload or revise your works at the “Preliminary Judging Phase”. By submitting photography works on the OnePlus Photography Awards 2021 platform, you authorize us to conduct review and judge your works.
As may be required for marketing and promotion purposes, we will select and exhibit some works on this website or through authorized partnership channels worldwide.
Also, we will, under your authorization, exhibit your eligible works, account name, and profile photo on this website to the world. You may give your authorization when uploading the works and revise such authorization in “Gallery”. You are expected to understand that your new authorization will take effect upon revision for the coming days, and our use of the aforesaid items of yours under your former authorization will not be affected by the revision.

(4) Review and manage your worksBy participating in the Awards, you may review the information and status of your uploaded works in “Gallery”. You may revise or delete your works before the end of submission. To ensure fairness, you will not be able to upload works or revise the uploaded works after the “End of Submission” (i.e., the Awards enters the “Preliminary Judging Phase”). You may contact us at to delete your works, which will be deemed as the waiver of your qualification for the Awards.

(5) Review worksFor participators, the uploaded works and relevant information will be exhibited to global users after verification upon your authorization or as per the agreement of the Awards. All users around the world can view your works, their relevant information (e.g. title, category, location of photographing, model of mobile phones, and works description), as well as your information authorized by your account, such as your user name, profile photos, and location of services (country or region).
For non-participators, you are welcomed to search and view the works and their relevant information as well as information about participators. You may also turn to works introduction on relevant partnership channels to learn more about contesting the works.

(6) Judging, winner announcement, and prize delivery We will review and judge all works submitted by global participators. Under the participator’s authorization, the reviewed works will be exhibited on the “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” website worldwide. After the “End of Submission” (at the “Preliminary Judging Phase”), we will judge all works, during which process we may contact you. For example, when judging the shortlist of works, we may need to contact you via the contact information provided by you to confirm whether your works are original and are photographed with OnePlus/Non-OnePlus mobile phones.
If your works win an award after the “Final Judging Phase”, we may exhibit your winning works on the “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” website, or exhibit and show them on partnership channels online and offline upon your authorization. Information to be publicized may include your works, works information (e.g. titles, categories, location of photographing, descriptions, model of mobile phones, and the EXIF of the photos) and your user name, country/region, and winning awards.
During the judging process, our operational staff may contact you. For example, when judging the shortlist of works, we may need to contact you via the contact information provided by you to confirm whether your works are original and photographed with OnePlus/Non-OnePlus mobile phones; when your works win an award, we may need to contact you via the contact information provided by you to get or confirm your name, address, phone number, email address, bank account, and other personal information, to give out prizes.

2. Protection of juveniles

You shall be eighteen (18) years old, otherwise, your guardians shall give consent to the usage of this application and relevant terms and conditions of using such application. Parents and guardians shall also take suitable preventive measures to protect juveniles, including supervising their usage of this application.

3. Third-party services and cross-border data transfers

Besides the official website of the Awards, we will also exhibit works and announce awards winners through OnePlus’s online and offline partnership channels. Your works, if selected in the “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” held in forums and branches in each country or region, will be recommended to participate in the global Awards. These works and relevant personal data will be shared with us and be managed as part of the global Awards.
We will engage affiliate companies, subsidiary companies, or third-party service providers to handle such information for us under our instruction, this disclaimer, and any other suitable confidential and security measures. For example, they will assist us in providing operational services and support (such as works selection and propaganda, announcing announcement, and prize delivery), and providing operations and maintenance services and support (such as system maintenance, system versions update, data statistics and analysis). To this end, we need to share personal data as needed, such as user name, ID name, country, personal profile, works and description, contact information, and bank accounts with these affiliate companies, subsidiaries, or service providers. Such information is only used for the “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021”.
The “OnePlus Photography Awards 2021” is a global award, therefore the selected works will be publicized or exhibited around the world.

4. Data management

If you need to delete your work or you have any questions, please contact us at You may contact us as described in “6. How to contact us” to revise or delete your information.
Other information you provide to us offline will be deleted automatically after the termination of the data retention period. If you need to revise or delete such information, please contact us as described in “6. How to contact us” to do so.
If you have any further requests or any question, suggestion, or advice regarding the rights of the data subject, please contact us at to exercise your relevant rights.

5. Period of data storage

Unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, we will retain your personal data only for a necessary period of time for relevant purposes and will delete or anonymize your personal data after the termination of the retention period specified below. Please contact us as specified in “6. How to contact us”.
In the meantime, OnePlus will retain your personal data that is relevant to the works for a period of time that is necessary for us to achieve the purposes stated in this policy, i.e. one (1) month, unless as required by laws and approvals to extend such period, or as permitted by laws.
Also, in the event that our products or services stop operation, we will make an announcements on the website, and delete or anonymize your personal information within a reasonable period of time.
If you have any other requests or questions, please contact us as specified in “6. How to contact us”.

6. How to contact us

If you have any question, suggestion, or advice, please contact us at .
Please note: Different language versions of this Privacy Policy may vary due to differences in local laws and languages. In case of any such difference, the version in Chinese shall prevail. By using our services, you give consent to our privacy policy.
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