Transfer data to your new OnePlus Phone

Use Google account

For Android 10, please go to [settings] - [Google] - [Backup] - enable Back up to Google Drive (will back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google servers), login into your Google account in your new phone, go to Google drive-restore your data.

Use OnePlus switch

1.Old oneplus phone - [OnePlus switch] - [I am an old phone] - [New backup] - [Scan the QR code on the new device] - Choose data to send - [Start] - Data sent successfully.

2.New OnePlus phone - [OnePlus switch] - [I am a new phone] - [oneplus] (if it is another Android phone, you need to install OnePlus switch (supports android 5.0 and above) - [Scan the QR code below with your old device] - Data received successfully.


  • Oneplus does not recommend you to back up, transfer or restore data via third-party apps, for they might conflict with the OnePlus operating system, leak personal information, or cause other safety problems.

       * Pictures, settings, and paths might differ from those of your phone, but that does not affect the description in this article.

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