OnePlus Photography Awards

Capture Every Horizon
2022 OnePlus Photography Awards
Competition kicks off
Entry deadline
Winner announcement
Awards and Prizes
High Rewards
$10000 cash prize
Exposure Opportunity
Winning works will be shown on OnePlus’ Official Channels
OnePlus Image Partner
The title of "OnePlus Photography Expert" and "OnePlus Photography Ambassador"
Competition categories
The Moment
Capture special and memorable moments
The People
Capture the images of special people around you
The Land
Record the unlimited scenery of your city
IPA Jury list
Dan Rubin
《The Photographic Journal》Co-founder
Lisa Kunst
Senior integrated content producer
Michael Itkoff
Daylight books co-founder
Paris Chong
Leica gallery LA gallery manager
Rohit Vohra
Co-founder, editor-in-chief APF magazine
Wang Wenlan
China photographers association senior advisor
What is IPA?
The International Photography Awards
The IPA recognizes photography’s leading talents who are creating, shaping and defining the world of photography today.
For professional, non-professional, and student photographers on a global level.
The most diverse
Including: Advertising, Architecture, Albums, In-depth photography, Editing, Events, Art, Movie, Nature, Portraits, Simulation and Film photography, Sports, Special categories, and more.
The most ambitious and prestigious competitions
Together with Pulitzer, WORLD PRESS PHOTO, and Osay, the IPA is recognized globally as one of the four major annual photography competitions.
The IPA and the Lucie Awards are sister projects of the Lucie Foundation, with the Lucie Awards being described as the “The Oscars” of the world of photography.
Composed of experienced photo editors, art directors, curators, art collectors, and other professionals from all over the world.
Including the Vice-chairman of the Royal Society (Great Britain), the tutor of Leica photography trainees, the Director of the World Press Photo Contest, the head of the Tate Gallery, and the director of Getty Images – and more than 100 celebrities.
20 years
Over the past two decades, the IPA competition has opened its doors to the world of photography.
Talented photographers from more than 120 countries have participated in the global competition.
Award-winning works
Successful IPA photographers are also among the winners in other definitive photography competitions.
Individually, each image and winning photo has borne witness to the times we live in. Together, they have made an indelible difference within the photography world.
Share your entries on social media

Contestants can post their entries on social media. Scan the QR code to follow OnePlus, and use hashtag #OnePlusPhotoAwards or #ShotonOnePlus to participate in OPA2022. For each entry on social media, please indicate the competition category, the title (in 10 words or less), with a short description (50 words or less). Please submit each entry separately, with one post corresponding to one photo and the accompanying text.

Why do we want to take pictures?

To capture the moments, to preserve the memories.
To recall the vivid stories that will not fade after many years.

We believe that every story is worth documenting, every moment is worth seeing, and everyone can take a great shot. The OnePlus Photography Awards is dedicated to honoring everyone to use their phones to create their own works, to capture wonderful moments, and to tell the stories behind the lens.

What kind of story do you see? What kind of memories do you want to pass on? We are looking forward to your works.

To Photography Enthusiasts All Over the Globe
The mission of the International Photography Awards (IPA) has always been to support and promote photography professionals and emerging talent from every corner of the world. As such, we welcome the efforts and achievements of OnePlus in pushing the horizon of excellence in mobile photography.

Their revolutionary R&D in mobile imaging technology and their recent cooperation with Hasselblad – incorporating the Hasselblad Camera for Mobiles in their OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 10 Pro smartphones – underscores their commitment to create a vibrant community of artists who can showcase their photography.

Hossein Farmani, the founder of IPA, commented: “OnePlus is exceptionally committed to make extraordinary photography more accessible: to carry the ability to take professional and accurate photographs right in our pockets.”

The OnePlus Photography Awards (OPA) is our new joint flagship project, through which we will bring smartphone photography to new artist communities. Together, we will explore new horizons, capturing remarkable images with just a tap on the screen.
The OnePlus Photography Awards is not only a global, unlimited mobile photography contest, but also a dialogue platform for mobile photography users around the world. We welcome all mobile phone users to share their photography skills, experiences and ideas through the "OnePlus Photography Awards" platform. OnePlus believes that images document stories and stories never end.