OnePlus Watch 2 Launch | Coming Soon on Feb 26th

OnePlus Watch 2

Your Partner in Time
OnePlus' New Flagship Smartwatch
OnePlus Watch 2 Highlights
Rugged Elegance
Extreme Endurance
Premium Design
Unparalleled Precision
There’s still more
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Frequently asked questions
Q1: What is the Early Bird Coupon for OnePlus Watch 2?

By paying $0.99, you can purchase the Early Bird Coupon and instantly receive a $50 off OnePlus Watch 2 E-coupon code. This Early Bird coupon is valid until the end of the Open Sale date.

Q2: Do I need to create or sign into a OnePlus account to buy the Early Bird Coupon?

Yes, you will need to log into your OnePlus account to purchase the Early Bird Coupon, as the coupon will be issued directly to your OnePlus account.

Q3: What are the special benefits of the Early Bird offer?

Early Birds will receive an exclusive $50 off OnePlus Watch 2 coupon. This coupon will be applied at checkout when purchasing the OnePlus Watch 2.

Q4: Can I purchase multiple Early Bird Coupons using the same registered phone number or email address?

Yes, you can, but only one Early Bird Coupon is allowed per order.

Q5: How will I know if I have won a prize after participating in the Subscribe to Win campaign?

The winners of the Subscribe to Win campaign will receive an email clearly detailing their prize coupon code within 7 days from February 26th.