Why Buy with OnePlus.com?

a) The quiz comprises of 6 questions.

b) You can play the quiz only once and a maximum of 5 RedCoins can be earned with the attempt.

c) Only Participants who finished OnePlus 12 exclusive quiz and answer at least one question correctly will get the chance to join the game.

d) After finishing the quiz submission, you will get a chance to participate in the lucky draw where you can get a chance to win $30 off on OnePlus Buds 3 or free wireless charger in the form of a redeemable coupon on oneplus.com/ OnePlus Store App.

e) You can participate in the lucky draw only if you are a linked device member, while the quiz does not have any restriction.

f) You can play the lucky draw only twice, after which you will not get a chance to win a prize.

Please refer to the ‘T&C“ link for the detailed T&C.

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