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The Lab
OnePlus 10 Pro 5G
The Lab is OnePlus Community's take on giving forums members, an average user's perspective, ups and downs of an upcoming device from OnePlus. As a token of appreciation, you will get to keep the device upon completion of full reviews.
Who is eligible?

All users will be eligible for our program.

What criteria will OnePlus use to select the winners?

Your entry will be reviewed based on your photography and writing skills. Other criteria include your tech gadget experience, review history, blogging, and related user-generated content highlighting your writing proficiency. This allows us to determine whether you qualify as a Lab reviewer.

How many devices have you prepared for The Lab?

We have prepared 10 devices for this edition of The Lab.

When will you ship out the review devices?

We will ship out devices according to the schedule. Depending on the user’s region, Lab Reviewers should receive devices in three to seven calendar days.

For how long do reviewers get to create their review thread after receiving the device?

Upon receiving the devices, we allow approximately seven calendar days for reviewers to write their reviews. A follow-up review after using the device for one month is also required.

Will reviewers be able to keep the devices?

Yes, provided both reviews are completed and submitted on time.

Are Lab reviewers allowed to write critical reviews of the products they received?

Our top priority is to elicit honest feedback, we are committed to publishing user feedback – positive or critical – with zero censorship or influence.