Protect Your Tastebuds
and Join the Movement

Every year there are always bad side dishes on the Thanksgiving table. Canned cranberry sauce? Why? Soggy greenbean casserole? We can do better! Jell-O salad? What is even in that? We can no longer look away and let everyone settle for mediocre.
Join us, our Community and food creators as we save Thanksgiving from bad side dishes! Help us spread the word to save America from these monstrosities.

Meet the Side Dish Saviors

Ethan Chlebowski


My YouTube channel focuses on not only making delicious food at home but understanding the food science and technique behind them. "Why are french fries fried twice? Do bay leaves actually do anything? Why do I always have pickled onions in my fridge?" are common questions I seek to answer and break down. Cooking is a skill that everyone should know how to do for so many different reasons and I try to get to the bottom of it.



Host and Creator of Not Another Cooking Show. Italian Food Fanatic. Identifies as an Italian Grandma. Success didn't happen overnight, it was the result of 12 years of failures, learning from mistakes and never settling which has brought Stephen to where he is today, teaching almost 1 million aspiring home cooks how to have confidence in the kitchen. With the mission to ensure more people are cooking today then they were yesterday, Stephen speaks to the least confident cooks out there and tries to communicate the art of home cooking in such a way that anyone, from any skill level can walk away with a new level of confidence and a new found fire under their butts to become an amazing home cook.

Adam Raguesa

@Adam Raguesa

Adam Ragusea is a curious home cook who makes videos for other curious home cooks. A journalism professor who stumbled into a YouTube career, Adam consults experts in food science, history and agriculture and funnels their knowledge into practical recipes for people living in the real world.

Giving Back to our
OnePlus Community

Our OnePlus Community has been at the forefront with us since being founded in 2013. This Thanksgiving, we are giving back to them by providing these Never Settle side dishes for their meal this holiday. Join our OnePlus Community to work hand-in-hand with us to co-create the next big thing.