Join our co-creation event and share your feedback directly with our product team. This month, you have four topics to choose from.

How are Open Ears Forum attendees selected?

Suitability comes first. As long as you have a deep knowledge about product and have feedback to report to the product team directly, you’ll have a chance to meet them face to face, or via a video conference.

What are the common points and differences of online and offline OEF?

Both online and offline OEF share the same goal – collecting feedback directly from the user, and, as a result, optimize our product. We also look for new ideas at these events, to implement them after internal evaluation.
The main differences are the event’s format, duration, confidentiality of the topics, and the interaction depth with staff members.

What are the user benefits for joining online and offline OEF?

Our co-creation philosophy aims at including the user in the product development process. Through OEFs, you make your voice heard, having a privileged platform to present your ideas. By being part of this process, you also get a chance to get featured on Oxygen OS Contributors, our Community Hall of Fame. Lastly, there’ll be some customized community goodies for every Open Ears Forum attendee.

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