XPan Mode on the OnePlus 9 Series

OnePlus x Hasselblad
Co-developed with Hasselblad, the exclusive XPan Mode on OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro allows users to share compelling and timeless visual stories.
Paying homage to the legacy of film development
In XPan Mode, once the shutter is pressed, the frozen picture will first appear as a film negative developing into an iconic image.
Recreate the unique experience of class-leading Hasselblad XPan cameras
With a unique field of view, photos taken with XPan Mode present new perspectives and modes of storytelling for users.
A 65:24 aspect ratio empowers unique storytelling
Photos taken with XPan Mode utilize a 65:24 aspect ratio, the same as the original Hasselblad XPan camera.
Two focal lengths, 30mm and 45mm, capture these two classic XPan lenses
Unique details from the Hasselblad XPan camera were meticulously recreated on XPan Mode, delivering an authentic Hasselblad XPan experience.
Default color based on classic black and white film
OnePlus and Hasselblad collaborated on two film simulation profiles for XPan Mode, including a dedicated color mode and a unique B&W mode.
Experience XPan Mode on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro