Carefully Crafted

We went through hundreds of iterations of the OnePlus 2 before finalizing the design that perfected a balance of look and feel. It’s about everything being in the right place, creating a seamless, fluid experience. No detail is too small to be perfected.


In the past, changing the look of your device meant covering everything with a case. StyleSwap allows you to change both the look and feel of your device without altering the OnePlus 2’s beautiful form factor. With our new StyleSwap system, you can swap covers in seconds - no tools required.

Try it for yourself:

  • Sandstone Black

    In a world of glossy plastic, stand out and make a statement. Our Sandstone material is smooth, yet grippy. Soft, yet durable. You have to feel it to believe it.

  • Bamboo

    Crafted from world-renowned “Nan Bamboo” grown in Taojiang, China, no two Bamboo Styleswap Covers are the same. Be Unique.

  • Rosewood

    Chosen for its notable grain, our South American Rosewood cover is perfect for those who prefer a more natural wood appearance.

  • Black Apricot

    We start with real Apricot wood sourced from Morocco, then stain each hand-selected piece for a bold, yet understated look.

  • Karbon

    Made from the same rugged material used in bulletproof armor, our Karbon cover shields your OnePlus 2 without sacrificing style. Agile and scratch-resistant.

Less is More

When you first glance at the OnePlus 2, it’s not about what you notice - it’s about what you don’t. On the front of the device, you won’t find any distracting logos. When not in use, navigation keys dim and disappear behind a sleek pane of black glass. It’s what’s on your screen that’s really important - so everything else is kept out of your way.

The Best Materials

Strong and exceptionally lightweight, the OnePlus 2’s outer frame is crafted from a resilient alloy of aluminum and magnesium. Our exclusive design ensures ideal antenna reception and temperature regulation, increasing performance. Stainless steel accents, Gorilla® Glass, and an array of unique back covers mean you are always touching the most premium materials.

Notifications, Your Way

The OnePlus 2’s Alert Slider integrates seamlessly with Android’s notification settings. Switch between 3 profiles: All Notifications, Priority Interruptions, and No Interruptions - without having to unlock your phone or even take it out of your pocket. Perfect for meetings, movie theaters, or just a bit of peace and quiet.