OnePlus Buds Z Steven Harrington Edition

Steven Harrington
Go with the flow and set your music free
Steven Harrington
Steven Harrington is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer whose work has made waves across the globe with his iconic designs and characters such as ”Mello”. Steven’s exciting collaboration with OnePlus brings his dynamic work to the tech world. The partnership inspired Steven to develop a new character dubbed ”Cool Cat”. As with most of his work, the design is both playful and contemplative, encouraging a two-way conversation between the artists and user.
Steven Harrington x OnePlus Buds Z
“Cool Cat”
The OnePlus Buds Z come to life with Steven Harrington’s psychedelic-pop aesthetic and “Cool Cat” visuals. Visually arresting, the dramatic design of these earphones add a dash of color to your life with impressive sound quality to match. With a 10mm dynamic driver, Dolby Atmos and Bass Boost technology, these limited-edition earphones sound as good as they look.
Every OnePlus project is approached with a Never Settle attitude. We celebrate the non-conformists and independent thinkers, which is why we created OnePlus Creatives+, a platform through which we collaborate with innovative artists and designers to merge great tech with great art.