Finding Life Through Photos: Meet 15-Year-Old Elliott


Finding Life Through Photos: Meet 15-Year-Old Elliott

Community 2021-04-06
By Rob Gorski

Occasionally we're lucky enough to find something in life that makes us truly happy. If we're even luckier, we find that doing what makes us happy can bring a smile to others’ faces. That’s the case for my son Elliott. Elliott is fresh off his 15th birthday. He loves life. He loves his friends, and he loves his family. He also just happens to fall on the autism spectrum and has the most amazing way of seeing the world.

A couple of years ago, I gave him his very first OnePlus phone, the OnePlus 7 Pro, and he fell in love with it. We go hiking and spend as much time out in nature as we possibly can. On one of those adventures, Elliott discovered that he enjoyed taking pictures of the things he came across along the way. Very quickly, he found that he had a passion for photography and that he had a knack for taking pictures in a way that made the people who saw them smile, myself included.

“I like how my photos can make people happy. I would love to travel to places where I can take pictures in places like caves, green forests, and fields of flowers.” - Elliott

Since then, Elliott has captured images that are simply stunning and have been shared thousands and thousands of times on social media. I absolutely love the way he sees the world and I couldn’t be prouder. Photography has become a way of expressing himself, as well as helping him through some difficult times in his life.

“As his Dad, I’m so grateful that he’s found something that makes him happy. Being able to capture a moment and freeze it in time, is a priceless gift to the world.”

As with any photographer, Elliott has his preferences and preferred equipment. He prefers to take pictures of things found in nature and will only take pictures with his OnePlus 9 Pro, his newfound daily driver after using the OnePlus 7 Pro for two years. He won’t use anything else because he wants to use something that anyone could use.

The idea of using something that is so accessible to everyone and showing the fantastic pictures it can produce makes him happy. I wish every child had the ability to embrace, pursue and share their passions with the world. I feel like Elliott’s inspiring others to find ways of working with what they have to bring love and light to the world.

Meet the Author: Rob Gorski

As a single Dad raising three amazing autistic kids, Rob Gorski has been through the ups and downs of life. But no matter what life has thrown at him, he has carried the message of hope, understanding, education, and perseverance.

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