Can't power on

Issues that occur on phones when the power is on  are usually related to one of the phenomena listed below:

Gets stuck or freezes randomly

Gets stuck at OnePlus Logo

Phone vibrates, but no change occurs on the screen

No reaction after long-pressing the power button

Unable to power on

Check whether the device has external damage, such as physical damage, whether it's bent, suffered liquid damage, etc. If the issues are caused by a hardware failure  we recommended applying for after-sales service.

Try the steps below

1. Try to restore factory settings or entering Recovery mode to  clear your cache, and check if the issue persists.

2. Long press the power button for 8 consecutive seconds, then reboot the device and check whether the issue persists.

Check the status of your software

1. Please back up all of your data, then clear the cache and flash to the latest version of OxygenOS.

2. Check what screen the device gets stuck on, the OnePlus logo or the Boot animation?

a).If the device is stuck at a screen such as the boot animation, start by restoring the factory settings, then check if the device displays "Your device is corrupt" before the OnePlus logo appears. If yes, please clear cache, back up all of your data and flash to the latest OS version.

 b). If the device gets stuck at the OnePlus logo, please clear the cache, back up all of your data and flash to the latest OS version.

If the steps above did not solve the issue, we recommend applying for after-sales service.

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