Touchscreen not working

If you notice any display issues like listed below, please follow the troubleshooting steps:

Touchscreen not workin

Ghost touch

Dead Zone

Delay response/unresponsive touchscreen

Touch screen broken

1. Check whether the issue is permanent or random.

2. Make sure the temperature where you use your phone is neither too hot nor too cold.

3. Check if the issue occurs when charging. If yes, we recommend trying another charger and data cable

(Note: The voltage instability of charger and data cable may cause touchscreen unresponsive issue).

4. If there is a screen protector on the screen, try if it works after removing it.

5. Make sure there are no stains such as water, sweat etc. on the touchscreen, if there is, wipe the screen and try again.

Note: The standard working temperature of the capacitive touchscreen is -10℃-45℃,  and the lowest temperature will cause the touchscreen unresponsiveness.


1. Please back up all the data, clear cache and flash to the latest OS version. (download OnePlus Switch app from the Google Play store to backup data easily)

2. If such touchscreen issue only occurs when using the individual App, we suggest clearing the cache and installing the app again (this could be application incompatibility issue.)


1. If there is obvious water stains or damage including screen crack on the handset , It is recommended to apply for after-sales service without checking the steps mentioned above.

2. If the issue can not be solved after flashing the official Oxygen OS version, we recommended applying for after-sales service. 

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