Phone Is Lagging, Slow Response or Not Running Smoothly

1. If you notice the issue happening in a specific app, try to reinstall the application or update to the latest version

2. Try to clear data and cache of the App, [long press on APP icon]-[App info]-[Storage]-[CLEAR DATA/CLEAR CACHE]

3. Try to close background apps. Click the Recent button, and then:

Close an app: Swipe the app to left or right edge of the screen.

Close all apps: Click the button icon to clean up the list

4. Try to update your phone to the latest software version and reboot phone.

5. If this problem is not solved, reset your device after back up, go to [Settings]-[System]-[Reset options]-[Erase all data (Factory reset)] (For Android O: [Settings]- [Backup &reset]-[Factory data reset]-[Reset phone]).


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