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OnePlus Nord Creator Series
At OnePlus, we’ve always collaborated with the greatest minds to bring creativity to life. Nord carries on that tradition with three incredible custom-designed bumpers that’ll protect your device, and maybe turn a few heads along the way. We hope you like them. And buy them.
Teardown™ by JerryRigEverything
Transparency is critical, both personally and professionally. Zack "JerryRigEverything" Nelson knows this better than anyone, so it made perfect sense to team up with him and design this officially licensed dbrand Teardown™ case. You'll get to see the internal components of your Nord without, voiding your warranty. Oh - and it wouldn't be Teardown™ without a few easter eggs.
Fantasy Landscape by Camilla
Camilla Engström is a Swedish-born painter, sculptor, and poet based in Los Angeles. She used her custom Nord bumper case as a blank canvas to produce a fantasy landscape that’s peaceful and relaxing. Who knows, the showcase of nature and bright colors might help you destress after a long day.
Barb by Finsta
Finsta is a graphics master with over two decades of experience under his belt. He designed this bumper case with an underlying message – protect what matters to you. He also managed to turn sharp and aggressive barbed wire into something truly beautiful with an ingenious graphic.

Additional Information

Tech Specs

JerryRigEverything / Camilla Engström / Finsta







In the Box

OnePlus Nord Creative Case (JerryRigEverything / Camilla Engström / Finsta) x 1


OnePlus Nord