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Your data will be erased during the repair process. Please back up all personal data on your device.

To protect your personal data, please remove the security lock and reset your device.

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How long will the repair take?

Normally, repairs take 7 - 9 days.

Note: To process your repair request as early as possible we'd suggest that you ship out your phone as soon as possible once your request is approved.

Why can’t submit a service request?

If you failed to submit a service request it might be because your request with same IMEI number is already under process.

If this doesn't apply to you please reach out to us through support.

Can I purchase adds-ons during the repair process?
Our repair services are strictly limited to repairing or replacing your device. We will not be able to handle add-on accessories you purchased during this process.
Why do I need to provide photos to the repair team?
Photos help our repair team identify the issue and expedite the diagnostic process.