2024 OnePlus Photography Awards

Make the Moment
2024 OnePlus Photography Awards
Feb 29th,
Open for Submissions
June 30th,
Submission Deadline
Winner Announcement
Competition Categories
Light and Shadow: Optical Game
Capture the unique magic of light and shadow.
Colors: Magic Palette
Showcase the rhythmic beauty and pure essence of color.
Faces: Emotional Mirrors
The faces of people, pets and animals.
Awards and Prizes
Main Prize
$10,000 cash prize
Exposure Opportunity
Winning works will be showcased on official OnePlus Channels & IPA Channels
OnePlus Image Partner
The title "OnePlus Photography Expert" and "OnePlus Photography Ambassador"
Offline Event
Chance to attend the prestigious Lucie Awards Gala Ceremony
Jury Pool
Dan Rubin
IPA Jury | Co-Founder, The Photographic Journal
Paris Chong
IPA Jury | Gallery Manager, Leica Gallery LA
Rohit Vohra
IPA Jury | Co-founder / Editor in Chief, APF magazine
Wang Wenlan
IPA Jury | Senior Advisor, China Photographers Association
Kinder Liu
President and COO of OnePlus
Pel Lin
Product Expert, Imaging, OnePlus
Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda
Hasselblad Ambassador | Art Duo
Lars Schneider
Hasselblad Ambassador | Photographer & Filmmaker
Mati Machner
Hasselblad Master | Wedding & Portrait Photographer
OnePlus Photography Awards, in partnership with the International Photography Awards™
The OnePlus Photography Awards, in partnership with the International Photography Awards™*, is more than a global, unlimited mobile photography contest. The annual OPA also represents a shared space for mobile photography users worldwide. We welcome all mobile phone users to share their photography skills, experiences, and ideas through the "OnePlus Photography Awards" platform. OnePlus believes that images hold the power to document countless stories and tell visual stories without end.
To Photography Enthusiasts All Over the Globe
On behalf of The International Photography Awards, I am thrilled to witness the launch of the 4th Annual OnePlus Photography Awards and we are honoured to be a part of building this incredible legacy. This unique collaboration is a testament to our shared vision of the possibilities within mobile photography, and as we embark on this visual adventure, we celebrate the boundless creativity and storytelling power encapsulated within the lens of a mobile phone.

For over 20 years the IPA has been a global force for promoting and honouring photographic excellence, and since the launch of OPA in 2021, OnePlus and IPA have been working together to make masterful and professional photography accessible to all. The convenience of capturing life's fleeting moments with a mobile phone empowers every individual to become a visual storyteller, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Mobile photography is more than a technological marvel; it is a gift, empowering amateurs and professionals alike to capture and amplify the beautifully diverse voices, perspectives, and moments that define the human experience. And we are proud to be a partner with OnePlus on this journey, through our united passion for and dedication to advancing the craft of photography through innovation.
* The International Photography Awards™ conducts an annual competition for professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today.

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