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Get OnePlus Nord in a limited collector box designed by Joshua Vides
Before OnePlus Nord was in the hands of thousands, it started as a simple sketch on a piece of paper. That’s just how you usually create things. But with his experiential exhibit, Reality to Idea, Joshua Vides flipped the process of creation on its head — bringing everything back to its origin.

Our limited Nord X Reality to Idea Collector Box by Joshua Vides is a creative collaboration based on our shared vision of stripping things down to the essentials. And relax, we won’t just send you a sketch of OnePlus Nord. It’s the actual phone.
Here’s what you’ll get
Inside the box you’ll find a Special Edition OnePlus Nord with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space. Alongside it, there’s a creative case, sleeve and tote bag designed by Joshua Vides. And the box itself is simply a brilliant piece of art.