OnePlus 9 Launch Event Lands in the Hearts of Fans Worldwide


OnePlus 9 Launch Event Lands in the Hearts of Fans Worldwide

Product 2021-03-30
It was not long ago when fans would gather in sold-out venues, and wait in anticipation for the unveiling of a new OnePlus flagship. While our physical launch events have been put on hold, the intensity and passion that users have for OnePlus remains. Last week, we launched the OnePlus 9 Series, bringing the familiar product launch experience to users at home. No matter where you were, you had the best seat in the virtual venue. As our star-studded lineup of presenters introduced new products, love and excitement flooded chat rooms, media platforms and forums across the internet. On a scale of one to ten, the launch was a OnePlus 9.

A World-Class Launch Event

If you have ever attended a OnePlus launch event, you’ll know that we pride ourselves for two things: producing the highest quality presentation possible and celebrating the moment with our community. Keeping to that belief, we took a cinematic approach with the OnePlus 9 Series keynote, redefining the standards of production and design. For greater accessibility, it was broadcasted through our English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Italian media channels. Members of the OnePlus community even took to virtual viewing parties to celebrate the festivities together.

Picture-Perfect Landing

The OnePlus 9 Series heralds a new era of mobile photography with our partnership with Hasselblad, and the OnePlus Watch marks our first venture into a more digitally connected ecosystem. With the unveiling of our new product line, we invite your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions so we can create something even greater in the future.

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