Introducing Red Cable Club

Join Red Cable Club to unlock perks, get exclusive discounts, and redeem prizes!

Download the OnePlus Store app to get started!
With Red Cable Club, you can redeem prizes, unlock exclusive savings, get early deals, and more! Create an account & connect your OnePlus device to get started.

Get Instant Perks

Get $50 off OnePlus 10 Pro coupon, free 3-month warranty & free shipping coupon

Third-Party Benefits
Coming soon

Including food delivery credit, Cloud Storage, or OnePlus Credit

500 Experience Points & 500 RedCoins

Collect more points & coins with Red Cable Club

Which device do you have?
Follow the prompts to activate your membership.

Step 1

Open OnePlus Store app
Open OnePlus Store app Start at the OnePlus Store App >> Service >> Link My Device.

For OnePlus 10 Pro, you may also start at settings>>Link Device Login your OnePlus account.

Step 2

Link your device
Click on "Link device" to link your device.

Step 3

Claim your benefits
Once the device is successfully linked, your RedCoins, discounts, and additional rewards will be available.

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