About Shot on OnePlus

1. Only photos taken with OnePlus devices are eligible.

2. Submitted photos cannot be altered with any desktop image processing programs. Mobile editing/filter apps may be used. Also, please keep the complete EXIF information to ensure we can verify whether or not the photo was taken on a OnePlus phone. If it was not or we cannot find evidence for it being taken on a OnePlus phone, we will not display it on the OnePlus website.

3. The preferred ratio of submitted photos is 4:3, and only JPG, JPEG, and PNG photos with a size between 1MB and 10MB will be accepted. Each user can submit a maximum of 3 photos in one day.

4. Please upload photos that you yourself have taken. You should have independent, complete, clear and indisputable copyright over submitted photos, and should ensure that the photos do not violate the legal rights of any third party (copyright, privacy rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, etc.) You agree to the Shot on OnePlus terms if you join the Shot on OnePlus program. If the user violates the above regulations and causes any disputes, he or she shall take full responsibility. OnePlus shall take no responsibility.

5. You possess the copyright of your submitted photos. OnePlus is granted the non-exclusive, permanent and irrevocable right to use the photos (reproduction, distribution, exhibition, translation, compilation, etc.) and the above rights may be transferred to others by OnePlus.

How to Join

1. Please register on the OnePlus website before submitting photos

2. Fill in your personal information and photo information. In the photo description, let us know where the photo was taken and about any post-production editing that took place

3. Upload the photos and submit

4. You can check your photos on the “My submissions” page. Please understand that you cannot delete your photos if they have been selected for display on the website.

Note: You can also join by sharing your photos on Instagram. Use the hashtag #ShotonOnePlus.