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From bumping into strangers to missing your bus stop, OnePlus reveals we’re a nation of super scrollers


New research from smartphone brand, OnePlus, has found that Brits spend half the average eight hour working day scrolling through content on their smartphones. With the average person scrolling through nearly four hours of content per day, our thumbs are travelling an average of forty miles a year or 180 metres scrolling per day.

Nearly two thirds of us admit to not having a reason to scroll but in spite of this, one in ten admit to having missed their stop, while scrolling on public transport. A further 12% claim to have walked into something or someone when scrolling.

Facebook comes out top of the apps for our scrollers, with 51% choosing to spend their scrolling time perusing the lives of the friends online. However, current affairs also proves popular with the nation, with nearly one third (28%) choosing to scroll through news sites.

The research also uncovered some habitual differences between the sexes. Men are four times more likely to use their scrolling time on dating apps, while women are nearly twice as likely to be found ‘Insta- scrolling’. Women are more likely to scroll in bed (42%) and nearly half (49%) multi task by searching on their phone whilst watching television.

Despite so much time spent interacting with a smartphone display only 7% factor this in when buying a smartphone. Kate Parkyn, Head of Growth EU at OnePlus said: “A smartphone’s screen is the window to people’s content - whether it's getting the latest news, sharing moments with friends, or online dating. That's why a 90 Hz screen is the new industry standard - people have never spent so much time using their phones - so why wouldn't you want the fastest and smoothest experience possible?"

“No matter where, when or how you do your scrolling it’s important to have the best experience” says Kate Parkyn. “The 90 Hz display on OnePlus smartphones means the screen refreshes more quickly making your scrolling a totally smooth experience.”

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Notes to editors: Top five places Brits scroll on their mobile phone

1. Watching TV (47.4%)

2. In bed (37.8%)

3. Lunch break (26.65%)

4. Commuting (23.3%)

5. On the toilet (20.3%)