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Warp Charge 30T
5G Ready
90 Hz Smooth Display
Quad Camera
128 GB Storage
Dual Stereo Speakers
Warp Charge can be your next fast charging solution. You might react like this guy when you see just how fast it is.
Warp Charge 30T delivers a day’s power in just half an hour*. If that sounds too good to be true, you’re in for a really great surprise. Electrify your charging experience when you plug in with OnePlus.

5G vs 4G? It's not even a fair fight.

It’s finally time to upgrade to the next chapter of mobile technology – 5G. The N10 5G packs a powerful punch, featuring a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 690 chipset powered by an octa-core CPU, enabling you to reach powerful 5G speeds.

Play it smooth with 90 Hz

The N10 5G display refreshes 50% faster than standard 60 Hz displays, making it more responsive and smoother. Swipe and scroll with an upgraded viewing experience on the new N10 5G.

60 Hz90 Hz

Sound coming at you left and right.

The N10 5G takes sound seriously. Dual speakers produce an immersive stereo audio experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And also millions of pixels.

The N10 5G has a 64 MP main camera, and three others that capture stunning details. Switch between a 119° ultra-wide, macro, and monochrome lens.


A little extra memory so you can forget all about it.

The N10 5G has 6 GB of RAM, so you can forget the limits of your phone. You have all you need to enjoy your favorite apps, games, movies, and TV series.*

What good is all this speed without the storage to back it up?

Running out of storage is a thing of the past. Don’t delete anything to free up space on the N10 5G. With 128 GB of storage, expandable up to 512 GB with a microSD card*, you’ll have all the space you need.

Midnight Ice

In case we haven’t officially met, we’re OnePlus.

If you know us already, feel free to skip to the checkout page. For everyone else, allow us to introduce ourselves. Since 2014, we’ve launched 8 game-changing smartphones across more than 50 countries. Now, we’re bringing you a new mid-range line, “Nord”, and hope to continue bringing great mobile tech to more people than ever before.


  1. *The weight of the phone is 190 grams. The size and weight of the mobile phone may vary according to configuration, manufacturing process and measurement method;
  2. *The corners of the screen are within a standard rectangle, and the edges are rounded. Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.49 inches in the full rectangle and 6.25 inches accounting for the rounded corners;
  3. *Actual refresh rate depends on settings, applications used, and processing limitations. Not all applications support 90Hz refresh rate. In the event of such limitations, refresh rate will be 60Hz.
  4. *Based on internal OnePlus testing, 30 minutes of Warp Charge 30T charges the OnePlus Nord N10 5G for 1%-67% of battery which can be used for 6.5 hours under OnePlus DoU (Day of Use) model. Battery life will depend on settings and actual usage. Actual performance experienced by users may vary based on the specific charging environment conditions;
  5. *Due to the mobile phone system files occupying space (including Android system and pre-installed apps), the available memory capacity is less than the value shown. Storage capacity will vary based on software version and pre-installed apps and may vary from device to device;
  6. *Photo pixels of different camera modes may vary. Please refer to the actual camera. Video pixels may also vary depending on the shooting modes. Please refer to the actual situation;
  7. *The typical battery capacity is 4300 mAh, but may vary slightly, and actual performance may vary. The battery is not removable;
  8. *Please confirm 5G network availability with your carrier. Data speeds may vary depending on carrier network;
  9. *Product pictures and content on the page are for illustrative purposes only. The actual results (including but not limited to appearance, color, size, texture) and the screen display content (including but not limited to background, UI and picture) may vary;
  10. *Numbers are theoretical and obtained under a controlled test environment (see each specific description) and provided by the supplier or the OnePlus laboratory. Actual performance may vary due to individual product differences, software versions, use conditions and environmental factors. Please refer to the actual experience;
  11. *Due to the real-time changes in product batches and supply factors, in order to provide accurate information on product information, specifications, and product characteristics, OnePlus may adjust and revise the text descriptions, picture effects, and other content on the above pages in real time to match the reality of the product performance, specifications, index, parts and other information; in the event that page modifications and adjustments are necessary, no special notice will be given.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G