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A smarter design
For hassle-free traveling
Discover the new Urban Traveler Backpack from OnePlus. With a simple and clean design, this backpack makes it easier to get where you’re going. A spacious main compartment ensures loads of packing space while numerous smaller pockets help you organize your day.
Feeling good
The fabric is both splash and scratch resistant with color that won’t fade and a distinct leather feel. Zippers are waterproof too and an eye-catching red OnePlus logo adds a dash of style.1, 2, 3
More space,
less weight
The new Urban Traveler Backpack is 300 g lighter than our previous backpack model, making for a comfortable and lightweight travel experience.4
With a total of 9 pockets and compartments you’ll have space and a place for everything you need.
Easy. Simple. Clean.
Whether you’re commuting to work or shuttling between cities, this light and resilient backpack ensures you get where you’re going with no extra hassle.


1.Tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Filled a beaker with 250ml of water, placed a spray nozzle on the beaker and sprayed water on to the material’s surface at a rate of 250ml per minute. After the test only a few drops of water remained on the surface with no water seeping through the material.

2.Tested under controlled laboratory conditions. A force equivalent to 0.5kg was applied to a product sample by a machine. The product sample rotates at a rate of 50 revolutions per minute for 500 revolutions (10 minutes). The results showed no damage to the surface of the material.

3.Tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Shown a light bulb of 300 watts light bulb on the surface of a product model from a distance of 250mm for 36 hours. Testing temperature was set to an average of 50° Celsius. Results were rated to be between four and five (Rating is from one to five, with one being the worst and five being the best result).

4.The Arctic White model weighs 823g. The Charcoal Black model weighs 835g.

5.Tested under controlled laboratory conditions. Filled a beaker with 250ml of water, place a spray nozzle to the beaker and sprayed water on the material ‘s surface at a rate of 250ml per minute.

6.Suitable for luggage bars of 17cm and below.

Tech Spec
Product name

OnePlus Urban Traveler Backpack


(32cm x 15cm x 45cm)




823g – 835g

Number of pockets and compartments


Accomodating laptop size

16" (35.79cm x 24.59cm x 1.62cm)