Warp 50 Wireless Supercharger



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50W Max
Fully charges your OnePlus 10 Pro from 1% to 100% in just 47 minutes.
Wireless Qi-charging
Supports EPP 15W/ BPP 5W wireless charging.
Horizontal and vertical charging
Dual-coil charging system allows to charge your phone when placed either vertically or horizontally.
Ultra-short charging response time
Place your phone on the charging base and charging starts almost instantly – in less than one second.

Silent Mode

When Silent Mode is active, power (below 15W) and fan speed is reduced to keep emitted noise below 23dB, as well as reducing the brightness of the indicator light.

Can be turned off, with a time interval set (defaults to 24:00 to 06:00).

By learning from the user’s habits, the charger adapts to automatically enter silent mode during hours when it is normally not in use.
Low noise
Standard mode: <32dB at 30cm range

Silent mode: <23dB at 30cm range

Charging with protective case

Can achieve maximum power output with protective cases of <2mm in thickness.

Additional Information

Tech Specs







5V⎓4A 9V⎓2A 10V⎓6.5A 20V⎓3.25A Max


50W Max

In the Box

AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger x 1

SUPERVOOC Type-C to Type-C Cable (100cm) x 1

User Guide x 1

Safety Information and Warranty x 1


50W Warp Charge Mode: OnePlus 10 Pro

50W Warp Charge Mode: OnePlus 9 Pro

30W Warp Charge Mode: OnePlus 8 Pro

15W Warp Charge Mode: OnePlus 9


*All charging data comes from the OnePlus Laboratory, please refer to the actual product. Test conditions: When its battery power is 1%, the OnePlus 10 Pro is charged in an environment with an ambient temperature of 25 °C using an adapter and data cable that support 65W PD protocol and above. The charging speed of AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger may vary depending on how the device is used, charging conditions, and other factors.

*The maximum charging power of wireless Warp Charge is affected by the maximum input power of the mobile phone.

*In order to reach a maximum charging power of 50W, please use OnePlus mobile phones that support 50W charging, as well as chargers and data cables from other brands that support 65W PD protocol and above. It can provide the OnePlus 10 Pro with a maximum wireless charging power of 50W and provide the OnePlus 8 Pro with a maximum wireless charging power of 30W.

OnePlus 10 Pro(5000mAh)OnePlus 9 Pro(4500mAh)

Other smartphones and

smart devices that

support Qi protocol

Using chargers and data

cables from other brands that

support 65W PD protocol and above

Up to 50W* full charge

from 1%-100% in 47 minutes

Up to 50W

*full charge from

1%-100% in 43 minutes

Up to 15W
5V2AUp to 5WUp to 5WUp to 5W

*When charging, place the phone in the center of the wireless charging base (vertically or horizontally) to ensure normal Warp Charge.

*The OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger can provide up to 15W of charging for Qi EPP certified mobile phones and smart devices. It can provide up to 5W of charging for Qi BPP certified mobile phones and smart devices. Actual charging power may vary depending on the specifications of the adapter and data cable used.

*Supports up to 15W of charging in Bedtime mode and up to 50W in other modes.

*Due to the use of air-cooled heat dissipation technology, slight fan noise and heating-up during use are normal.

*If a protective case is being used, make sure that its thickness does not exceed 2mm and that is has both a smooth surface and contains no metal parts. Using an official OnePlus protective case is recommended. Charging speed and charging power may vary when using a protective case depending on factors such as the actual use of the mobile phone and ambient temperature. It is necessary to ensure that there are no metal objects between the surfaces of the wireless charger and the mobile phone. Metal objects that can be detected include coins, keys, credit cards and so on. The removal of said objects will ensure the protection of both the charger and charging device.

*When the charging base recognizes abnormalities such as metal objects, the indicator light will turn red to send out a warning and then automatically cut off the power.

*Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Some product specifications and descriptions may change due to replacement of supplier or other reasons. Please refer to the actual product.

*The above data is obtained from testing done by and from our own laboratory, suppliers, and design specifications. Actual performance may vary slightly depending on the version of test software version and specific test environment.