OxygenOS 11
So, So Smooth  
Say hello to the next release of Android with OxygenOS 11.

Based on Android 11, the newest version of OxygenOS is faster, smoother and smarter than ever before, with new features designed to make one-handed operation easier and more intuitive.
Experience the OxygenOS 11 Open Beta

Form, Function
Screens seem to have gotten bigger over the years, but our hands have not. So we make it easier to use your phone with one hand. The updated layout of OxygenOS moves the touch controls closer to your thumbs for easier access as soon as you open a menu.

Always On Display
Android users might have used always-on displays for a while now, but never like this. The new AOD options on OxygenOS 11 take your standard information display to the next level, with a wider range of choices to personalize your screen or improve your digital wellbeing.
Insight AOD
OnePlus partnered with aspiring design students from the Parsons School of Design at The New School to create a unique AOD centered around digital wellbeing. Insight AOD feature encourages users to spend more time enjoying life and less time unlocking their smartphone.
Refreshingly Refined
As bold as it is beautiful, OxygenOS has always been clean, sleek, and striking. Now, it’s even more so, offering users a more immersive and smarter experience.
Experience the new OxygenOS 11 open beta today.
Now available for OnePlus 8 Series.