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Don’t miss it! See what’s the new about OnePlus Featuring X OnePlus mechanical keyboard.

Get Together, Co-create Together

OnePlus 9th Anniversary Celebrations recap ft. keyboard sessions.

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Secret OEF Recap - Office Scenario & Keyboard

Say hello to new friends and a NEW Product!

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OnePlus Keyboard Secret OEF Highlights.

Check out what happend behind the scene.

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The Launch of New Co-Creation Platform

'OnePlus Featuring' - A platform that bring the keyboard and your ideas to life

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  • [ Nov ]
    Product Concept Developed
  • [ Dec ]
    Co-creation with Users
  • [ Jan ]
    Rigorous Testing Phase
  • [ Feb ]
    Official Product Launch
  • [ Mar - April ]
    Mass Production Starts
[ Nov ]
Product Concept Developed
[ Dec ]
Co-creation with Users
[ Jan ]
Rigorous Testing Phase
[ Feb ]
Official Product Launch
[ Mar - April ]
Mass Production Starts

Double Gasket Design

The gasket design ensures a precisely calibrated yet softer actuation paired with a satisfying sound. The specialized double gasket amplifies this experience even more.

While we are not in the pursuit of silence, the audible sound is dampened while retaining the superior typing experience.

With this dedicated feature, typing is transformed to deliver all-day comfort seamlessly optimized for working or gaming.

Meticulously Crafted Aluminum Body

The meticulously crafted Aluminum body delivers a flawlessly premium experience. Ultra-precise CNC aluminum manufacturing guarantees a silky-smooth feel that's refreshingly cool. The robust build quality extends to the crafted aerolite touch, providing a balanced yet lightweight experience that lasts.

Works Seamlessly for Mac and Windows

OnePlus mechanical keyboard is designed to work seamlessly for Mac users. The layout matches the MacBook keyboard and is equally suitable for MS Windows. It's even compatible with Linux making it the effortless all-in-one solution for all your keyboard needs.

Advanced Customizable Features

This product fully supports advanced, customizable features including hot-swappable switches and flexible, open-source firmware.

Hot-swappable functionality allows for fast and smooth changes of switches for unique personalization.

Open-source firmware like QMK and VIA allows for real-time control without reflashing firmware. From customizing RGB lighting effects to remapping keys, unlocking the keyboard's full potential has never been easier.

From comfort, versatility to functionality, our new OnePlus mechanical keyboard is engineered to empower your digital lifestyle.

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