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Power of Community?

Our biggest user-driven project - Power of Community, has the ambitious goal of bringing the concept of co-creation to life.

Users have ownership over the entire creative process from concept to fully-realized products. The entire decision-making process is fully transparent, and You are on the inside track with your valuable feedback every step of the way.

Co-create with us
This page is going to public record each cooperation and co-creation results between OnePlus and user. You could easily to catch up all the feedbacks and solutions of each updates and milestones decision.

How it works ?

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The final product

  • Iconic design (minimalistic and bold)
  • Pin mirror projection for enhanced FOV and multitasking
  • Two side-mounted cameras+ two multi-purpose LED lights with a distinct shade of red
  • Room tracking for 3D immersive gaming experiences
  • Positional awareness for navigational assistance
  • Product scanning for in-store ratings & recommendations
  • Ecosystem based device location with lost item tracker

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Power of Community preserves OnePlus' spirit of collaboration, participation, and focus on the users... all of you.
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