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USB-A 80W MAX High Speed Charging
The SUPERVOOC protocol supports 80W MAX output power for USB-A and charges OnePlus 10 Pro to 100%* in about 37 minutes. PD protocol supports 30W MAX output power for USB-C. It is easily compatible with a variety of smart terminals, allowing you to charge quickly wherever you are.
USB-A + USB-C dual-port allows simultaneous charging for both the driver and co-driver
With the USB-A and USB-C dual-port design, both you and your co-driver can quick charge multiple devices simultaneously. The USB-C port is still able to provide quick charging even when the recorder is in normal operation.
Peace-of-mind compatibility, letting you charge without worries.
The built-in smart processing chip intelligently adjusts the current to charge a variety of smart terminals such as mobile phones, laptops* and tablets that support the SUPERVOOC/VOOC, PD, QC and other protocols. Say goodbye to power anxiety and travel smoothly wherever you go on business trips.
No selection of models, no fear of bumps or darkness.
The bimetallic flexible contact design is compatible with the cigarette light ports of all mainstream car models on the market, providing stable charging even on bumpy roads. No fear of darkness, with a ring light design that makes it easy to locate interface even while driving at night.
Smart temperature control, with no fear of cold or heat.
Quality craftsmanship, protecting your safety.
Cigarette light port connector durability 3,000 times.
Load capacity up to 80Kg.
Output connector durability 5,000 times.
Short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, static protection.

Additional Information

Tech Specs







12VDC-24VDC, 7.3A MAX

Single Output

USB-C:5V3A / 9V3A / 12V2.5A / 15V2A / 3.3-11V3A 30W(Max)

USB-A:5V3A / 5V6A(Max) / 9V2A / 11V7.3A(Max) 80W(Max)

Dual Output Total


Dual Output

11V3A+15V2A, 11V3A+12V2.5A, 11V3A+9V3A, 11V3A+5V3A, 9V2A+12V2.5A, 5V3A+12V2.5A, 5V4A+5V3A, 10V4.5A(Max) +5V3A

In the Box

SUPERVOOC 80W Car Charger

User Guide

Phone Model Charge Agreement Charging Power
OnePlus 10T 5G SUPERVOOC 80W
OnePlus 10 Pro 5G SUPERVOOC 80W
OnePlus 9 Pro 5G SUPERVOOC 65W
OnePlus 9 5G SUPERVOOC 65W
OnePlus Nord N100 VOOC 18W
OnePlus Nord N200 5G VOOC 18W