OxygenOS 13

Inspired by nature

OxygenOS 13 welcomes you with a visually refreshed and bold design. Every intuitive element, every streamlined step, is faster, smoother, and burdenless.

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By the people, for the people

Our community-driven philosophy makes us better every day. Sign up now to create and connect with like-minded people.

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The power of community

Our biggest community-driven project - Power of Community, has the ambitious goal of bringing the concept of co-creation to life.

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Capture Every Horizon

The 2023 OnePlus Photography Awards is dedicated to honoring everyone to use their phones to create their own works, to capture wonderful moments, and to tell the stories behind the lens.

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Got questions? We have Answers!

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Merch of the Year. Let's Talk!

Join us on the new Co-Creation misison!

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Shot on OnePlus Contest Satisfaction Survey

We hope you can share your genuine thoughts and opinions with us.
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Looking for a speedy flagship phone? OnePlus 10T - think fast performance paired with lightning speed charging - it's undoubtedly a powerful piece of kit.'
The OnePlus 10T is a very good smartphone with premium build quality, a great display, top tier performance, and insanely fast charging speeds
The sheer power of the device and the improvements in battery power and efficiency really do make a difference and made our time with the OnePlus 10T a pleasure.
OnePlus 10T is a perfect fit for those who just want pacy performance across the board.