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  • OnePlus 7 Series - Global Pop-up Recap
  • OnePlus 7 Series Launch Event Recap
  • OnePlus 7 Pro - Go Beyond Speed
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OnePlus 7 Pro Anmeldelser
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  • Test: En Android top-performer
    OnePlus får den højeste karakter, vi har givet en Smartphone indtil nu.
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  • Anmeldelse: OnePlus 7 Pro
    ... kandiderer til at være den bedste Android-telefon på markedet.
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  • Anmeldelse: Ingen tvivl
    OnePlus 7 Pro blandt de allerbedste smartphones på markedet.
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  • Anmeldelse af OnePlus 7 Pro
    7 Pro er en vidundelig mobil - flot, lynende hurtig, og fremragende skærm
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"That display is nothing short of exceptional"
"Go-to premium phone of 2019"
"The OnePlus 7 Pro isn't just amazing value, it's an amazing phone."
OnePlus Artikler
    With the 7 Pro, OnePlus is declaring that it’s no longer just a middle-weight boxer. It wants to challenge Apple and Samsung in the heavyweight class. It has created a phone that — on paper, at least — has certainly earned a chance to take on the champions.
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  • OnePlus 7 Pro Review - Business Insider
    OnePlus usually makes comparatively inexpensive premium smartphones that are as good as the more expensive flagship devices from big companies like Apple and Samsung.
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  • OnePlus 7 Pro Review: The Flagship Phone Value of the Year
    The $669 OnePlus 7 Pro sports a unique full-screen design with a large 6.67-inch display. It doesn't make performance trade-offs. Its photos are pretty damn good.
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