Cramming for Exams? Here Are 5 OnePlus Features That Can Help


Cramming for Exams? Here Are 5 OnePlus Features That Can Help
By OnePlus

December is the month of holiday festivities, family get-togethers, and if you’re a college student – final exams. In the coming weeks, millions of college students will be put to the test (literally) as they cap off their fall semesters. While OnePlus can’t take the exams for you, we’ve compiled a list of five handy features found on our devices that will help alleviate some of the stress of finals week. 

    1. Zen Mode 2.0

Getting distracted by group chats and viral videos? That’s where Zen Mode comes in. Zen Mode helps you disconnect from the digital world and brings some peace and quiet for 20, 30, or even 60 minutes. When activated, your OnePlus device will temporarily mute all incoming notifications – except calls, lock all your apps and cannot be canceled until the timer ends. On Zen Mode 2.0, you can even invite family and friends to participate in the moment of Zen. This is particularly useful if you’re group-studying and want a distraction-free environment. Zen Mode serves as a reminder for you to stay put of what’s at task and is the perfect feature for college students.

    2. Reading Mode

OxygenOS has been touted as one of the best versions of Android with its minimal yet highly customizable user interface. With that, it also offers a slew of nifty features like Reading Mode, which applies a monochromatic filter over your phone display. This helps reduce eyestrain when you're reading e-books, PDFs and other long-form content. Reading Mode also gives you the options to hide peek notifications and have it turn on automatically when a specific app is opened. 

    3. Warp Charge

Whether you’re spending hours group-studying in a video call or re-watching those lectures on calculus, Warp Charge gives you one less thing to stress about – low battery. With the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, Warp Charge 30 provides your phone a day’s power in just 30 minutes. Or go beyond the limits with the new OnePlus 8T, boasting Warp Charge 65 for a day’s power in just 15 minutes. Our ultra-fast charging technology is unlike any other as it prevents your phone from overheating, so you can top it up while using it. 

    4. Alert Slider

The alert slider has been a OnePlus signature since the OnePlus One and it couldn’t be more useful during exam season. This 3-position slider allows you to toggle between Ring (bottom), Vibrate (middle) and Silent (top) sound profiles so you don’t need to turn on your phone to do so. Students will find this particularly useful as you can easily silence your OnePlus during study sessions and lectures, or toggle Ring when back at the dorm.

    5. Focus Mode

Like Zen Mode, Focus Mode allows you to pause distracting apps when you need time to dial in. In this case, you’re not limiting access to your OnePlus device altogether, but only the apps you specify. Found in the Digital Wellbeing settings, Focus Mode can be scheduled to turn on at a certain time, so you’ll still receive notifications from all apps before and afterwards. We find this feature to be the most effective during the hour before an exam.

Good Luck!

We hope these features help you study effectively, stay focused and ace those exams. No matter your major, OnePlus will continue to create and innovate products that enhance your learning and development. To give you access to the best, we even offer an Education Program that provides eligible students and faculty members discounts on smartphones, accessories, and more. Good luck and Never Settle!