Skärm Skyddsplan

Covers your device against damages to the screen and back cover by an accidental drop, crash or breakage for a period of ONE (1) year from the next day of the policy purchase date. The deductible fee for incident is subject to the device variant.

Screen and back cover damage protection

OnePlus OPEN 3559 kr

OnePlus 11 389 kr

OnePlus 10T 389 kr

OnePlus Nord 3 339 kr

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite 299 kr

OnePlus 12 389 kr

OnePlus 12R 339 kr

Skyddsplan för oavsiktlig skada

Covers your device against damages by all accidental drop, crash, breakage or liquid for a period of ONE (1) year or TWO (2) years from the next day of the policy purchase date. The deductible fee for incident is subject to the device variant.

Accidental damage protection

OnePlus OPEN(1 year) 3900 kr

OnePlus OPEN(2 years) 7129 kr

OnePlus 11(1 year) 539 kr

OnePlus 11(2 years) 1359 kr

OnePlus 10T(1 year) 549 kr

OnePlus 10T(2 years) 1149 kr

OnePlus Nord 3(1 year) 449 kr

OnePlus Nord 3(2 years) 1019 kr

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite(1 year) 349 kr

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite(2 years) 559 kr

OnePlus 12(1 year) 539 kr

OnePlus 12R(1 year) 449 kr

  • Purchase Process
  • Claim Process
  • Buy it Now
  • Verify IMEI
  • Choose your Plan
  • Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Submit and pay
  • Plan activated

Customer Notice

  • The OnePlus Protection Plan is only available for devices activated within 6 days

  • Before you buy the OnePlus Protection Plan,please read the Terms and Conditions

  • This OnePlus Protection Plan is currently available for all OnePlus device.

  • Login to the claims portal
  • Fill out the claim form
  • Get your shipping label
  • Ship your device to our service center
  • Make the policy excess payment
  • Get your repaired device back

Customer Notice

  • To claim the OnePlus Protection Plan service, please raise a request via below listed claims portal.T

  • Your device will be diagnosed and repaired in our service center under the coverage of your Protection Plan, any other defects out of your Protection Plan coverage may subject to a paid repair service.

Ytterligare information

  • How do I purchase?

    You can place an order for OnePlus Protection Plan on along buying your OnePlus smartphone. Or purchase your OnePlus Protection Plan separately within 6 days of the smartphone purchase from

  • How to report a claim if something happens to my OnePlus smartphone?

    If you would like to file a claim, simply follow the instructions on the 24-hour online claims service. Please find your country/region claim page link and localized contact information from

  • How long will the repair service take?

    We are able to complete most repairs within 3-5 days - due to our lean work processes. Please note that this requires that all information provided by you is correct and the submitted documents are consistent.