Blockchain meets Never Settle.
Robust in function. Simple to use.

Get Paid to Use Your Phone

PeiCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency created exclusively for OnePlus users. Robust in function but simple to use, PeiCoin gives OnePlus users easy access into the world of cryptocurrency.

Peer-to-Peer Digital Currency

  • Decentralized Community-Driven Blockchain.

    PeiCoin's blockchain platform is woven seamlessly into the architecture of the OnePlus forums.

  • Instant No-Fee Transactions.

    PeiCoin’s peer-to-peer network of OnePlus users allows for instant, no-fee transactions.

  • Mine with OxygenOS.

    Through a new opt-in feature baked into OxygenOS, OnePlus users will be able to join a global network of miners.

    Users can mine blocks solo or work together in pools.

  • Open-Source Software.

    PeiCoin is completely open-source and user-driven. With fully trackable transactions through PeiCoin Wallet, you’re no longer beholden to a bank when completing your transactions.

  • Deep Integration.

    Your PeiCoin wallet is seamlessly integrated with your OnePlus device, making it easier to complete transactions, manage your wallet, and transfer funds

  • Built Together.

    OnePlus users can freely engage in the development of future OnePlus products, as well as the continued evolution of PeiCoin.

Community-Driven Currency

Enjoy lightning quick, no-fee transactions supported by a secure open-source framework.

Let's mine our way forward to a quicker, safer, and more community-minded currency.

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