How To Use OnePlus Switch?

With [OnePlus Switch], you can quickly migrate data from your previous phone to a new OnePlus phone, including contacts, call history, short messages, pictures, audio, video, notes, apps, downloads, and documents, etc. OnePlus Switch currently supports data migration between Android and iOS devices. No networking is required during the migration and 5GHz Wi-Fi is supported. In addition, OnePlus Switch also provides the backup and restore function. You can use the functions to create backups locally. When data needs to be restored, it can be completed through simple operations. 

Use OnePlus Switch to migrate data.

Download the OnePlus Switch app.

1. OnePlus phone users 

Update your phone to the latest version, and open the [OnePlus Switch] app. Or go to [Setting]-[Utilities] to find [OnePlus Switch]. If the app is unavailable, go to [App Market] to search for [OnePlus Switch]

2. Users of other Android devices

Tap to download the app. Note that non-OnePlus phones must be used as senders for data migration.

Alternatively, you can open [OnePlus Switch] on a OnePlus phone, select [I'm a new phone], then select the type of the old phone as [other] and use the Android phone to scan the QR code in the upper part of the OnePlus phone screen. 

3. iOS device users

Download [OnePlus Switch] on a OnePlus phone that is used as a receiver (2.5.3 or later versions, in support of OnePlus 3 or later models and Android 5.0 or later versions). 

Migrate data (OnePlus users & other Android device users).

1. Open [OnePlus Switch], select [I'm a new phone] and then select the type of the old phone. A QR code is displayed in the upper part of the screen for downloading [OnePlus Switch]. If the app has been downloaded and installed on the old phone, tap [Continue] on the new phone. 

2. Open [OnePlus Switch] on the old phone, select [I'm an old phone] and scan the QR code on the new phone screen. The two phones will be connected. 

3. After they are successfully connected, select the data you would like to be migrated on the old phone, and tap [Start Switching]. A moment later, the data will be migrated. 

Migrate data (iOS device users).

1. On an iOS device, synchronize data to iCloud: Open [Settings] of the iOS device, enter an Apple ID to log in to iCloud, and enable synchronization options such as [Contacts] and [Photos] in iCloud as required. 

2. Import data to a OnePlus phone: Ensure all data is backed up to iCloud, and then open [OnePlus Switchon the new phone, select [I'm a new phone] and select [iPhone]

3. On the iCloud login screen that is displayed, import [Contacts] and [Pictures] data. If the iCloud server is disconnected midway through the import process, try to log in to iCloud again and continue the import. Due to compatibility issues, only some data types can be imported. 


1. Only OnePlus phones can serve as data receivers. Old phones that serve as data senders must be Android devices or iOS devices;

2. In order to ensure the stability of data transmission, do not exit the app or enter the screenlock screen during the switching process.

3. OnePlus Switch supports resumable transmission. In the event of an interruption, transmission can be resumed by OnePlus Switch from the data point that was stopped last time.

4. The switching process consists of data transmission and installation. Please be patient. 

Back up and restore data locally with OnePlus Switch.

Use the [Backup and Restore] function to create data backups locally for subsequent restoration, or copy the backups to a computer and transfer it to another OnePlus phone for restoration. 

Back up data.

Open [OnePlus Switchin the phone and select [Backup and Restore]-[New Backup].

Select a type of data to be backed up, and tap [Start Backup]. (Data types include contacts, call history, short messages, pictures, system data and app data. Of these data types, OnePlus phones do not currently support backing up app data.)


If you are restoring factory settings or rooting the phone, back up the [opbackup] folder to your computer to avoid data loss in case the backup data is deleted during the above operation. This folder can be copied back to the phone after rooting the phone or restoring the factory settings, and the backup can be restored through [OnePlus Switch]

Restore data.

Open [OnePlus Switch], and select [Backup and Restore]-[Restore Backup].

Select a type of data to be restored, and tap [Start Restoration]. A moment later, the phone data can be restored to its former state.

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