ShotonOnePlus Academy

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Nicola Pasianot

Instagram creator for italian and international brands. Co-founder Instagramers italia, Head of social media and digital strategy at Ideal, Torino, Milano, NewYork, Los Angeles award winning italian agency on Instagram in Italy 2016.

Milano Academy (Italy)

September 16th

Fedja Salihbasic

Travel & lifestyle photographer, born in Bosnia and living in Denmark for the past 25 years. Content creator and storyteller for international brands.

Copenhagen Academy (Denmark)

September 16th

Konsta Punkka

Konsta calls himself the Squirrel Whisperer. You will understand what he means when you check his Insta-feed of over 1 million followers! Konsta is an adventure and wildlife photographer based in Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki Academy (Finland)

September 16th

Daniel Riley

Daniel is a professional photographer and videographer based in Stockholm. Daniel has worked with artists including Westlife and Zara Larsson, but is more known as Kapten Riley in his vlogg and on Instagram, where he shares his adventures and life.

Stockholm Academy (Sweden)

September 23rd

Damien Roué

Damien is a passionate photograph, autodidact and entrepreneur. He discovered photography with his first reflex in 2008. He made is passion his job while founding his website, a specialized website that embraces his passion for travel and photography.

Paris Academy (France)

September 23rd


Born in Brazil she moved to Paris, a city in which she felt totally in love at first sight. Since then she takes pictures of the French capital through her own perspective bringing to light all its beauty, "I love to capture the City and wander its beautiful streets."

Paris Academy (France)

September 23rd

Adrien Brunel

Photographer and graphic designer, Adrien has always been a curious observer of his surroundings. A dreamer passionate interested in stories. Seeking to capture the everyday conversation between passers-by and the city.

Paris Academy (France)

September 23rd

Jörg Nicht

Joerg is a street photographer, who captures strong, unique perspectives and compositions of coincidental moments in Berlins day to day city life. On his account he showcases pieces of Berlin life with focus on architecture.

Berlin Academy (Germany)

September 30th

Matt Scutt

Matt is the Creative Director of a London digital design agency, working across a variety of media including photography. He started off as a professional illustrator and artist, but quickly discovered his considerable talent for all things creative.

London Academy (UK)

October 7th