Why OnePlus’ Displays Are the Pinnacle of Smartphone Visuals


Why OnePlus’ Displays Are the Pinnacle of Smartphone Visuals
By OnePlus

How many times a day do you look at your smartphone? Whether it’s in the tens or hundreds of thousands, having a display that’s visually comforting and responsive is a must. At OnePlus, we strive to create the best smartphone displays that exceed both standards. Our display technology doesn’t settle with being full of color and sharp in detail, it’s meticulously calibrated so every tap and swipe is registered with no delay. Here is just a few of the ways OnePlus optimizes our smartphone displays to be world-class.

 A refresh smoother than ever

Implementing high refresh rate displays was OnePlus’ first breakthrough in creating the smoothest visual experience in the smartphone industry. In 2019, we set the tone with the nation’s first 90 Hz Fluid Display on the OnePlus 7 Pro. And in 2020, we pushed the limits further with the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8T boasting 120 Hz panels. For reference, the standard smartphone display refreshes at 50% of the speed, or at 60 Hz. That means the animations on our flagships are twice as smooth, from high-intense online gaming to scrolling through a social media feed, it’s a revelation you’ll have to see for yourself.

To match the ultra-smooth refresh rate, OnePlus flagships are equipped with a high touch response rate, so they respond to your gestures and touches instantaneously. This symphony of hardware and software is a part of what we call “Smooth Chain”. Smooth Chain represents one of our approaches to product development with every piece of the smartphone display representing a link of a chain. For the chain to hold strong, every link must be made with precision and care. Together, the components of the display go hand-in-hand with our OxygenOS software.

But the smoothness doesn’t stop there. The OnePlus 8 Pro is our first device to feature a Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) chip. Typically, the TV shows and movies you watch are shot in 24 or 30 frames per second. With the built-in MEMC chip, the OnePlus 8 Pro can ramp up the frames to 60 and 120 fps, making those edge-of-your-seat moments appear more realistic and breathtaking than ever. 

A display that adapts to your day and night

From the moment you stop your alarm in the morning to when you check your next-day agenda at night, our latest OnePlus 8T is built with the highest levels of brightness found on any Android phone – 8,192 to be exact. When paired with the high-precision light sensors on the front and back of the device, the OnePlus 8T screen naturally transitions from the dimmest to brightest environments. You’ll no longer find yourself blinded by a bright display at night, or struggle with one that’s too dim when out in the sun.

There’s a reason why OnePlus’ displays are consistently scoring the highest A+ rating from DisplayMate. We didn’t just create smartphones that are HDR 10+ and SGS certified, we’ve created products that compliment and synergize with your lifestyle, so you can do more and have one less thing to worry about.