7 Questions for 7 Years of OnePlus: A Community Discussion


7 Questions for 7 Years of OnePlus: A Community Discussion
By OnePlus

December 17th marks the 7th anniversary of OnePlus. Since the beginning, our passionate global community has been at the root of our success and continuous pursuit of excellence. This year, we’re keeping to our philosophy of co-creation and have invited members of the community to join us in a roundtable discussion -- sharing our favorite memories of OnePlus and looking at what’s ahead in an exciting 2021.


Welcome to our community roundtable to commemorate OnePlus’ 7th anniversary! Let’s break the ice with our first question: What was your first OnePlus phone and why did you buy it?


Juliet M. (@JerseyPirates): My first OnePlus phone was the OnePlus 2, though I was introduced to the brand when the One came out. At the time, a few close friends of mine recommended OnePlus to me. Being part of a mobile gaming community, the idea of a phone with great power, speed and affordability had me curious. I couldn’t snag an invite for the original but was fortunate enough to score one for the OnePlus 2.

David W. (@keithnyc): I guess I was one of the lucky ones who got the very first OnePlus. Back in 2014, a few of the tech guys in my office recommended OnePlus to me, so I joined the forums that April to learn more about it. A few months later, I received an invitation to buy the phone and the rest was history.

Schafer C. (@Schafer): Likewise, my first OnePlus phone was the OnePlus One. I bought it because I was on the iPhone 5 at the time but wanted a more customizable device. The iPhone was basic – too basic, so I’d spend countless hours on the OnePlus forums seeing how users were tweaking their phones, and eventually got the golden ticket!

Kenny N. (@KeBlam): It seems I was late to the party. My first OnePlus phone was the 5T, which I bought weeks before Black Friday of 2017. To sum up how excited I was when the phone arrived, I was more interested in it than the deals that months.

Adam K. (@Adam Krisko): Like David, I was able to snag a OnePlus One back in early 2014. It was the best phone I had ever had up until that point in my life. I even left Verizon as a carrier and moved to T-Mobile just so I could use the phone once I bought it!


The OnePlus One in Silk White

This is great to hear and we’re happy to have a good mix of users in this conversation. Since embarking on your OnePlus experience, what does the name “OnePlus” mean to you?

@Schafer: OnePlus is a community – a community I am very happy to be a part of because everyone in it cares and wants to help make the best products. Every chance I get to brag about my phone, I do it because OnePlus actually listens to its users. I feel appreciated and valued.

@JerseyPirates: I agree. I feel like OnePlus is a brand built on delivering the best to its users, from speed, multitasking, to OxygenOS, which is more streamlined and customizable than ever. I love that they utilize the community to build better and better products.

@Adam Krisko: To me, it means family. The type of family that no matter the distance between them, always has time to help each other. The close type of family that loves each other so much, you can tease everyone, and they all still get along.

@KeBlam: OnePlus, to me, is more than just an OEM or a community. OnePlus is a present, with a past and a future! OnePlus, to me, is an eternal family that I can always rely on to grow and become better.

Over the years, we introduced new ways to experience product launches, like the OnePlus 2 in virtual reality, and the OnePlus Nord in augmented reality. Which product launch was the most memorable to you?

@KeBlam: I probably speak for most people here that the OnePlus 6T NYC launch event was probably the most memorable. This was the first time I had ever been to any launch event in person. To see so many enthusiastic members of the community was simply ecstatic.

@JerseyPirates: Likewise, being able to spend the day in NYC with the community puts the 6T event on the top of my list. Many of the people who I spoke to that day joined the OnePlus family for different reasons, but we were all united by our passion and excitement for the brand.

@keithnyc: For me, the most memorable must be the OnePlus 2 launch in Times Square. It was my first-time meeting Carl, and I became a moderator of the forum that same day!

@Adam Krisko: Mine was the OnePlus 3 launch and the subsequent Euro Tour. The OnePlus 3 was the device I was most proud of helping launch. I helped at the Pop-Up in London which was a small boutique shop. Boy, the line was literally around the block, and those community members helping us out were the best! I got to meet so many community members on the Euro-Tour, I was just overwhelmed. It was one of the best times of my life!

Fans take a OnePlus 7T selfie in anticipation for its Pop-Up store opening in New York City.

As some of you brought up, our global pop-ups, experiential stores and community events serve as networking hubs for fans to connect. The presence is even greater online! How has being a part of the OnePlus Community impacted your life?

@JerseyPirates: Joining the OnePlus Community is an all-inclusive experience. Not only has it taught me tips and tricks on how to better utilize features of the devices but has introduced me to an awesome group of people that I hope will be in my life for years to come.

@USBA JasonB: It really is beyond the product discussions. The community has allowed me to meet so many people that share a common interest.

@Schafer: It's definitely been life changing. From the fans to the employees, I’ve had memorable experiences throughout.

@keithnyc: Like Jason said, it goes beyond tech. I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to Europe and China with some of the guys I met in the community and cherish those moments dearly.

@Adam Krisko: Well, if I didn’t find OnePlus, I wouldn’t be where I be where I am today. OnePlus was actually the reason I met my wife, and I wouldn’t have my son and daughter today if not for them!

Co-creation is at the core of OnePlus’ products. In the 7 years, we’ve co-created countless hardware and software features through our user-recommendation program, IDEAS. Is there one that sticks out to you the most?

@Schafer: For me, it’s the in-display fingerprint scanner. Not only was OnePlus an early adopter but you guys have kept it unlike other brands. It’s great to have another form of security.

@Adam Krisko: Yeah, Warp Charge, originally named Dash Charge. It’s changed the game across the board for all manufacturers!

@KeBlam: Who could forget the pop-up selfie camera? It was such a unique spin on the traditional front-facing camera and made this futuristic mechanical sound when turned on.

@USBA JasonB: There are a lot of gamers in the community, so I was appreciative when OnePlus came out with a dedicated game mode.

Open Ears Forums allow users to share feedback on our product designs.

Since the beginning, we’ve teamed up with global brands like Marvel, Star Wars and McLaren, to create special edition products. Which OnePlus collaboration was your favorite?

@keithnyc: As someone who has been persuading his friends to switch over, the T-Mobile partnership was everything! More people are now able to walk into a carrier store and see the best of OnePlus.

@KeBlam: Definitely the McLaren collaboration. I thought it was a very interesting concept to represent speed. I mean what better way to do that then with a famously fast vehicle?

@JerseyPirates: Same with me, even though I’m a huge Star Wars and Marvel fan. I love the attention to detail of the McLaren devices and, yeah, it’s orange and black.

@Adam Krisko: Um...Cyberpunk anyone!?

The OnePlus 7T Pro, designed with McLaren’s signature Papaya Orange.

Going into 2021, what are you looking forward to the most from OnePlus?

@Schafer: I am definitely excited for product launches. 2020 hasn't been the most enjoyable but I'm hoping we can get in-person launch events soon – fingers crossed! The growth of the company over the past years has been astounding and I’m excited to see what’s to come.

@keithnyc: Adding to what I spoke about before, I’m looking forward to more integration between the T-Mobile and OnePlus communities.

@KeBlam: I’m ready for a full-on OnePlus ecosystem – phones, watches, headsets, T.V.s, everything!

@USBA JasonB: Same here – more products to go along with the phones. I’d be very interested in a OnePlus watch but mainly hope to see the company explore new styles and finishes for the products.

@Adam Krisko: David took the words out of my mouth. I’m here to focus on what the company can help to foster between the community and T-Mobile.

@JerseyPirates: I’m always excited for new OxygenOS features, but what I hope to see the most in 2021 is the continued increase of OnePlus’ brand recognition in the U.S.



The past 7 years have been marked by exciting product launches and global achievements. Looking ahead, we’re excited to continue sharing the best technology with the world, working hand-in-hand with the OnePlus Community. Thank you to the Community for making us who we are.


A special thanks to @keithnyc, @Schafer, @KeBlam, @JerseyPirates, @USBA JasonB, and @Adam Krisko for being a part of this discussion!