#ShotOnOnePlus – The Best of Landscapes


#ShotOnOnePlus – The Best of Landscapes

Community 2021-07-06
For years, OnePlus users have been capturing breath-taking imagery with their smartphones and sharing them through the #ShotOnOnePlus program. Today, there are over billions of photographs shared across the world. No matter your photography background, OnePlus is constantly bringing innovative technology that allows you to empower your passions and take your best shot. With the OnePlus 9 Series, we’ve partnered with premium camera brand, Hasselblad, to set a new standard for smartphone photography.

Today we're celebrating the best of #ShotOnOnePlus that captures landscape photography. Every image portrays a photographer’s perspective of the world, and every perspective is as unique as the next.

Bright and colorful lights in Santa Monica, California. Shot on a OnePlus 9 Pro.

Newark Bay at sunset. #ShotOnOnePlus 9 Pro.

Finding beauty in reflections in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. #ShotOnOnePlus 9

A building in downtown Rotterdam, Netherlands. #ShotOnOnePlus 9.

Inside the Botanical Garden of Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic. #ShotOnOnePlus 9

Spending time at the Playa de Aguilar in Spain. #ShotOnOnePlus 9 Pro.

Views from Exit Glacier area at the Kenai Fjords National Park in south-central Alaska.
#ShotOnOnePlus 8T.

Sunset in Downtown Bradenton, Florida, south of the Tampa Bay area. #ShotOnOnePlus 8T.

Architectural masterpiece in New York City, New York. #ShotOnOnePlus 7 Pro.

An evening at Washington Square Park in New York, NY. #ShotOnOnePlus 7 Pro.

View of the Half Dome from Colombia Rock at Yosemite National Park. #ShotOnOnePlus 8T.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay, Florida. #ShotOnOnePlus 7 Pro.

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