OnePlus Snowbots | First-ever interactive snowball fight

OnePlus Snowbots
Experience the speed of 5G and fight against people from all over the world in the first-ever interactive snowball fight. We have built snowball-firing robots that are powered by OnePlus 5G phones. We call them Snowbots.




Building the OnePlus Snowbots
Take a closer look at the world's first 5G-powered, snowball-firing robots

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I play?

You can play by visiting this page with a mobile device. You’ll be asked to sign in with, or create, a OnePlus account.

How many times can I play?

You Only Play Once. Make it count.

How do the games work?

There are four Snowbots. Two on each team. You're in control of one Snowbot and need to fire snowballs at your opponents, all while trying to avoid getting hit by theirs. You win by hitting your enemy more times than they hit you, be careful not to run out of your eight snowballs too quickly.

How long do games last?

Each game lasts a few minutes. From the start on March 14 at 5 PM GMT until 10 PM GMT on March 16, hundreds of games will take place during the day and night. You got that right; we’re playing 24 hours a day.

Are these actually real robots firing snowballs at each other?


How were they built?

We created a slick behind-the-scenes video for you right here. Coming soon.

Can I see the Snowbots in real life?

Are you in Lapland? Come and visit us between March 9 and March 12.

Can I buy a Snowbot?

Legal team says no. The Snowbots can fire snowballs at 120 miles per hour. Health and safety and all.

Who will be my teammate?

The OnePlus community consists of people from all across the world, and you’ll be automatically paired with a fellow member at random.

How does the queue work?

After joining the queue here, you’ll receive a browser notification when it’s almost your turn. Make sure you keep your browser app open. To give everyone a chance, the queue will be capped at 2 hours – so keep an eye on our social channels to find out when it opens.