USB Issue

If your mobile device is unable to be identified by a PC when plugging in via USB:

1. Check if the USB cable is in good condition (It is recommended to use an official type-c cable).

2. Check if there is any damage to the USB port.

3. Check if the handset and PC are affected by a third-party application. If there is a third-party App assistant, please uninstall and then perform the connect operation.

4. Please try to restart the phone and computer, and then reconnecting。


With Windows, you don't need to install the drive, If you’re using a Mac, you can install Android File Transfer

Also, Check if the handset has access to root or not.

1. If yes, please clear your cache, back up all the data and flash back to the official latest OxygenOS version.

2. If not, please reboot the handset, back up all the data, clear your cache and flash to the latest OS version

3. If the issue can not be solved using the steps listed above, we recommended applying for after-sales service.

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