Dead device/Frozen display

When the phone appears to freeze or hang,  please follow the troubleshooting steps listed below:

Freezing in Standby

If the device freezes and doesn't respond to the touch, please back up all data, clear the cache and flash to the latest OS version.

Freezing in third-party Apps

Please check whether the issue occurs in a single third-party App or other third-party Apps as well.

1. If the issue occurs in one third-party App, please uninstall the responsible third-party App, clear your cache and check the latest update

2. If the issue occurs with other third-party Apps, make sure the app is compatible with the latest Android version. Try uninstalling all responsible third-party Apps, clear the cache, back up all of your data and flash back to the latest official version of OxygenOS.

Freezing while loading Apps

Please back up all the data, clear phone's cache, then restore the factory setting or flash to the official latest OS version.


If the steps above did not solve the issue, we recommend applying for after-sales service

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