OnePlus Bullets Wireless User Instruction

Selection of ear caps/ear supports

Please choose the size of silicone ear caps that fit you best. Please gently place one in each ear.

Choosing your earplug size

Your earphones  are fit with medium sized earplugs.  However, if you find they don't fit perfectly, please remove the plugs and try the smaller or larger ones supplied instead.

Wearing the earphones

Gently push the left earphone into your left ear, and the right earphone into your right ear. If necessary, move them a little until you find the most comfortable angle

Control Buttons

Power Button

Turn on: hold for 1 second;
Turn off: hold for 1 second;

Volume "+" Key

Short press to turn up the volume
Long press to continuously turn up the volume

Middle Key

Click to Play/Pause the music
Long press for 1 second to start the Google Assistant
Double click for next song
Click the key to answer an incoming call
Short press the key to end the call

Volume "-" Key

Short press to turn down the volume
Short press to turn down the volume
Long press to continuously turn down the volume

Magnetic Control

Your earphones will automatically turn on and connect to the last device they were paired with when you separate them. If no connection is found, the earphones will shut down after five minutes

Turning off the earphones

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Magnetic Control will automatically turn them off when you join them together

Bluetooth Connection

To connect with OnePlus smartphones

Separate the ear plugs, or long press the power key for about 1 second. Wait for the earphones' white indicator to flicker, then turn on Bluetooth on your device. Click OK in the notification window that automatically pops up in the device to connect.


If your OnePlus device has previously connected to another Bluetooth device, please click “Add New Device."

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