OxygenOS 12 Rolled Out On OnePlus Smartphones


OxygenOS 12 Rolled Out On OnePlus Smartphones

Press Release 2021-12-07
Shenzhen, 7 December 2021: OnePlus, the global technology brand, has, today, initiated the roll-out of OxygenOS 12, the latest version of OxygenOS, to OnePlus devices. Starting with the OnePlus 9 Series today, the software update will be extended to OnePlus smartphones from OnePlus 7 onwards and OnePlus Nord, Nord 2 5G and Nord CE (Core Edition) 5G in 2022 H1.

OxygenOS 12 delivers an upgraded experience on its Fast and Smooth DNA with a stable, power-saving system, refreshing new UI and an impressive set of features. The update has been designed with several focal goals in mind - reduce distractions with a focus on digital well-being and streamline day-to-day usage. In line with our ‘burdenless’ product philosophy, OnePlus has optimized OxygenOS12 into three key aspects of smartphone usage – work, rest, and play – creating a safe, pressure-free space for users to interact with their devices and with the world around them.

Burdenless Design

With OxygenOS 12, OnePlus has introduced a refreshed UI that is designed to enable ease of use through resilient design, inspired by James Turrell’s Light and Space artwork.

Light and Space: Through the ingenious use of light and space, OxygenOS 12 creates a safe, functional space for users. Visually, the use of light indicates clearer distance, while hierarchy and interspersed relationships help enhance readability and ease of use. In addition, the soft light and shadow minimize unnecessary distractions in the UI, providing an immersive experience.

Geometric Deconstruction: OnePlus further simplified the visuals in OxygenOS 12 using geometric deconstruction. Through more straightforward typographies users can easily perceive key messages, making OxygenOS 12 more inclusive and relatable for users from diverse cultures and regions.

Neumorphism: Based on simplicity, OnePlus improved details to provide a more sophisticated experience by adding shadows, subtle gradients and customizing each visual according to user scenarios, resulting in a beautiful interface.


Shelf & OnePlus Scout

Shelf is upgraded on OxygenOS 12 with a wider range of customizations to create the experience that best suits user needs. The brand-new Shelf on OxygenOS 12 can be customized with feature cards of varied sizes and background images, allowing users to group features and completely personalize the layout. Inside the Shelf, the step counter card has been upgraded into a ‘Health Card’ which can also be connected to your OnePlus Watch, giving users seamless access to health information like calories consumed or heart rate.

Better yet, to further simplify operations and boost efficiency, OnePlus has integrated OnePlus Scout into the Shelf for global users. This feature had been a community favorite in India, providing a local one-stop search service that enables people to find any content on their device, including documents, contacts, music tracks and web entries. OnePlus Scout makes the overall experience burdenless and smoother than ever.


To make work easier and more efficient, the Note app, as one of the most important work tools, has been upgraded with a bunch of new editing functionalities. With OxygenOS 12, users can now edit the content with new formatting tools. Text too limiting? Use the Doodle feature to sketch out your ideas. The result is a better note-taking experience, with clearer and more straightforward notes.


Following the introduction of the OnePlus 7 Series, OnePlus launched Zen Mode to provide a space for users overwhelmed with information to unwind and take a break from their devices. As technology became more integrated into everything we do, we are now more reliant on smartphones than ever. Our borders between work and life have been gradually blurred, limiting the time we spend away from our screens.

Work Life Balance 2.0 (WLB 2.0)

Based on the philosophy of Zen Mode, OnePlus first brought WLB to Indian users that since then has received particularly good feedback. With OxygenOS 12, OnePlus is expanding the experience to our global users with an updated version - WLB 2.0, a first in Android phones. WLB 2.0 offers several options for customization to meet user needs. With WLB 2.0, notifications and messages of different apps can be categorized into two modes - Work and Life and sorted by priority, and can be toggled on and off. In addition, the modes switch intelligently according to office locations, Wi-fi networks, or a specific timing, separating your life and work easily and clearly.

Dark Mode

Based on the feedback from the OnePlus community, Dark Mode now can be adjusted with three levels, giving more options to users to choose the mode that best fits their reading preferences - Gentle, Medium or Enhanced.


While enhancing the ease of use and boosting work efficiency, OnePlus also upgraded the digital space on OxygenOS 12 just for fun.

Games - Toolbox 2.0

On OxygenOS 11.3 for Nord 2, OnePlus offered a solid game experience with Toolbox in Games, supporting FPS floating windows, game filters, frame rate settings, and more. With OxygenOS 12, the brand brings these great features together with an upgraded Toolbox 2.0 for all OnePlus global users, taking the OnePlus gaming experience to the next level. It supports Voice Modulator in five popular games (PUBG/CODM/LOLM/FreeFire/Fortnite) enabling you to change your voice during in-game chats, protecting your privacy while adding more fun to the game.

Canvas AOD 2.0

OnePlus believes, beyond practical usage, a smartphone is an important tool to express oneself, and the brand is committed to building a platform that enables users to do just that. Among the AOD features that OnePlus brought to its users, Canvas AOD is one of the most popular. The newly introduced Canvas AOD 2.0 has already been hotly anticipated during the OnePlus Open Ear Forums for the upgraded experience it offers.

The feature has been optimized based on the original functionality, adding a variety of new brushed and line colors for better customization. The selection of photos and adjustments on the final effect is now more flexible, as it adapts to different sizes of images and supports image scaling. Meanwhile, users can erase lines that do not fit in to provide a much more realistic but personalized overall result.


Lastly, protecting users’ privacy has always been a top priority at OnePlus. During each iteration of OxygenOS, the brand has aimed at building a safe and reliable system that protects user information, offering security and trust.

Data Isolation

With OxygenOS 12, OnePlus has improved its protection mechanism and streamlined data storage access, making it easier for users to sort personal files. The data stored in the ‘Private Safe’ is isolated from other apps while remaining personally accessible. Users can keep personal files such as photos, videos, audios, and documents in the Private Safe securely through one access.

Update Schedule

2021. 11. 12:
OnePlus 9 Pro; OnePlus 9

2022 H1:
OnePlus 9R 5G; OnePlus 8; OnePlus 8 Pro; OnePlus 8T; OnePlus 7 Pro; OnePlus 7; OnePlus 7T; OnePlus 9RT; OnePlus Nord, OnePlus Nord CE 5G, OnePlus Nord 2

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