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Get a FREE OnePlus Buds Pro with purchase of OnePlus 10 Pro (12+256GB)
Get a FREE OnePlus Buds Pro with purchase of OnePlus 10 Pro (12+256GB)
Get a FREE OnePlus Buds Pro with purchase of OnePlus 10 Pro (12+256GB)
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Let dad know how much you love him

He’s been the single provider for my entire family, and I probably would have spent a lot of my childhood homeless if it wasn’t for him. He spent his whole life working manual labor jobs to provide for us to have a good life.


My father comes from an old generation & from a very small village & didnt celebrated his birthday with cake till this photo clicked. His life's First Birthday cake🎂 and me & my other family memebers surprised him. Love you dad stay as you are simple & caring.


This is probably the only photo I have of me and my father together. I don't have much memories about him, we lost him to heart attack, when I was 2 and I know he is still looking back down on us and also guiding me in all the actions I take.


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