As you may have known, there’s a brand new update for our OnePlus Store app where we now enable customers to post a review of our products! 


With this new feature, we would love to hear your thoughts about the OnePlus device you use. In order to save your time, we decided to hold a product review challenge where we prepared a template for you. Here is the detailed introduction to enter the challenge!


Challenge Rules

● Challenge period: now – October 24, 11:59 PM EDT

● If you have purchased a OnePlus product before, write and upload your review in your order page. 

All the reviews should be written according to the template published by the official OnePlus account in OnePlus Store app, which would update daily. The format-qualified review will be posted in the OnePlus Store app and also OnePlus.com

● If you haven’t purchased a OnePlus product yet, you can also join by giving a thumbs-up/ “like” to the review you like. 

● Note: you can only write the review for the product purchased on OnePlus.com or OnePlus Store app. 


What are the Prizes?

Reviewer Prize - The reviewer who receives the most amount of likes everyday during the challenge period will be awarded a Free OnePlus Buds Pro

● Note: The ranking will update daily in the challenge period, and Free OnePlus Buds Pro would be given by sending a coupon to the winer’s OnePlus account. 

Engagement Prize - Everyday we’ll choose 30 random users from those who give a like to reviews and send them a $30 off Buds Pro coupon.

● Note: The engagement record will update daily in the challenge period. 


During the challenge period, we will announce the winning posts daily by updating the winners’ names in Discover Column. Once the challenge is over, we’ll send the coupon to winners’ account by October 27.

We value what you think about your OnePlus device, and we would love to hear about your feedback.


Now, Review and Like Challenge begins! Go see the review template we have written for you in the Discover Column in OnePlus Store app.