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OnePlus 9 Pro
Your Best Shot
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Hasselblad Camera for Mobile
120 Hz Fluid Display 2.0
Premium Design
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 with 5G
Feature Video
Hasselblad Camera for Mobile
Co-developed with Hasselblad, the exclusive Hasselblad Camera for Mobile delivers multiple breakthroughs including Natural Color Calibration. The ultra-flagship camera blends the technological excellence of OnePlus and the legacy of Hasselblad. With the OnePlus 9 Pro, taking Your Best Shot is now effortless.
Lunarland Video
Images by Hasselblad Ambassadors
Hasselblad Ambassadors with OnePlus
Exclusive collaborations
Experience XPan Mode
Cooper & Gorfer
A Sweden-based duo creating richly-imagined and idealized portraiture. Their work explores the global diaspora through the prism of vibrant, surreal and feminine portraits.
Creation story
Lars Schneider
A German-born landscape photographer, Schneider captures and distills the majestic beauty of nature. Hauntingly evocative, his transcendent images resonate with the human spirit.
Creation story
Yin Chao
With his Zen-infused oriental and iconic photographic style, Chao retains a deep and pervasive influence on fashion photography through production, video, and art exhibitions.
Creation story
The Hasselblad Story
Hasselblad's enduring heritage as a pioneering camera manufacturer spans 80 years. Responsible for capturing mankind's first steps on the moon, Hasselblad's images have inspired generations. Our partnership with Hasselblad unlocks the potential of every mobile photographer to capture their own milestones.
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Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad
Developed with Hasselblad and their visionary Ambassadors, OnePlus brings industry-leading color performance to smartphones. Created for the most demanding photographers, experience true-to-life color and incredibly natural skin tones for unparalleled color reproduction.
Life made cinematic
Recreate life's moments in the most vibrant, natural color
Capture the most authentic colors in every frame, every time
Hasselblad Pro Mode
Hasselblad Pro Mode is inspired by Hasselblad cameras, providing granular control over key photographic elements using Hasselblad's iconic UI. With precision control, fully adjust and customize ISO, exposure times, and white balance – as well as 12-bit RAW – while incorporating the signature Hasseslblad shutter button and sound for a more immersive experience.
Nightscape Mode
See your photos in a new light. Capture breathtaking low-light shots and impressive night scenes. Nightscape Mode intelligently enhances your images with improved clarity, reduced noise, and more precise color reproduction. Add even more sparkle to your compositional photography with the distinctive Starburst feature. Experiment with starbursts on cityscapes, natural landscapes, and more for spectacular, vibrant scenes.
Formed to perfection
The revolutionary Freeform Lens is a one-of-a-kind lens. Adopting a significantly wider asymmetrical design, almost all edge distortion is removed (from 10-20% to an unprecedented 1%2). The powerful lens incorporates a custom rectangular lens with a precise curve. A breakthrough in optical engineering, this element corrects incoming light before it passes through into the sensor. With an industry-leading ultra-wide camera now available, expand your visual universe with the OnePlus 9 Pro.
One quantum leap for all
Everything pans out when you zoom in. The world is your canvas with the state-of-the-art 14 mm ultra-wide angle camera lens. The advanced 50 MP ultra-wide sensor is one of the largest on any flagship phone, elevating your shots to photos that are simply stunning. The increased sensor size ensures enhanced imaging quality and lower noise. Experience images filled with meticulous detail, color, and contrast. From boundless vistas to cherished group photos, broaden your horizons.
Powerful IMX766 sensor
Sony's cutting-edge sensor features a 1/1.56" design, significantly increasing the amount of light received by more than 60% over the IMX586 sensor. With support for 2x2 OCL, each 50 MP of this massive sensor can be used to focus on the subject, further enhancing image focusing speed and accuracy.
Advanced IMX789 sensor
With a large 1/1.4" sensor1, the OnePlus 9 Pro offers exceptional imaging capability thanks to leading technologies including 2x2 OCL, 12-bit RAW, dual ISO, and DOL-HDR. Enjoy faster focus speeds, 64 times more color information for richer color, cleaner shots, and reduced motion blur with higher dynamic range in videos. Capture once-in-a-lifetime moments. Every time.
Perfection in Motion
Every moment comes to life in ultra-smooth and hyper-realistic 8K. Shoot and edit your cinematic masterpieces on the go with powerful effects. Empower your imagination, and tell your story with the OnePlus 9 Pro.
Hyper-realistic video
The beauty of 8K
With 16 times the pixel count of standard 1080p, your content looks better than ever in razor-sharp 8K. Indoors or out, enjoy and share your personal experiences and journeys. Capture the action, whether you’re hiking through breathtaking vistas, or immortalizing one of life's milestones. With 8K video, your favorite memories live forever in sensational detail.
Breathtaking 4K 120 fps slow-motion
When you’re living in the fast lane, going slow for incredible slow-motion cinematography has never been easier. From wildlife to sporting events, capture the most unique, silky-smooth footage. Whether you’re a vlogger, traveler, or content creator, explore and accelerate your creativity – even when the action slows down.
Life on DOL-HDR
Outside perfectly controlled lighting environments, uneven elements can affect the quality and tone of your videos. Shooting against a sunset or other backlighting can leave areas dim. DOL-HDR technology enables the light sensor to take shorter and longer exposures virtually simultaneously, combining them into one HDR video. The result? Impressively crisp features, vibrant colors, and higher contrast footage. See your videos in a new light with DOL-HDR.
Powerful video features
Hyperlapse brings versatile timelapse functionality to your ultra-wide videos. Nightscape videos appear brighter and more detailed, even during challenging low-light conditions. Add a touch of cool to portrait videos with a Bokeh effect. Together with super stabilization, focus tracking, and other features, capture your imagination in motion with the OnePlus 9 Pro.
All Incredible Views
The OnePlus 9 Pro's 6.7"3 Fluid Display 2.0 is the pinnacle of mobile displays. With breakthrough LTPO technology, Smart 120 Hz, and exacting color accuracy, the display sets a new standard. See and feel the difference with true-to-life detail and ultra-smooth responsiveness.
The future is now
Innovation in Sight
The OnePlus 9 Pro integrates major display innovations for an industry-leading5 visual experience. From the cutting-edge LTPO display to unparalleled color accuracy, rethink what's possible. The OnePlus 9 Pro is so responsive, you won't be able to put it down.
Industry-leading display
LTPO meets Smart 120 Hz
LTPO represents the most advanced backplane technology. Designed by OnePlus, Smart 120 Hz realizes the full potential of LTPO's adjustable refresh rate technology with the smoothest frame transitions. Refresh rates dynamically scale in real-time to the displayed content to save battery – from as low as 1 Hz (viewing photos or reading text), 24/30 Hz (viewing 24/30 fps video content) to 120 Hz (scrolling through social media). Combined with our innovative Super AOD (Always on Display) feature and special display enhancements, up to 50% less power is consumed while ensuring a 120 Hz viewing experience that flows.
Hyper-real responsiveness
A OnePlus exclusive, revolutionary Hyper Touch reduces in-game imaging delays during even the most demanding mobile gaming. Designed for gamers, the feature delivers up to 6 times faster syncing between the display and the processor. Compared to other 120 Hz smartphones, this advanced display optimization technology enables more responsive gaming controls for swipes and taps4 gameplay. Experience ultra-fast aiming and effortlessly precise in supported titles, including League of Legends: Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, and Brawl Stars.
Sublimely smooth
Our most advanced display achieves optical clarity and speed evolved to the next level. The next-generation QHD+ 120 Hz screen refresh rate elevates image scrolling, video content, and gaming performance to new cinematic heights. Combined with unsurpassed levels of responsiveness, other displays pale in comparison.
Industry-setting color accuracy
Experience industry-setting color accuracy that is ‘Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect’. This represents the highest calibration standard among smartphone display panels. Color Tone technology automatically adjusts the color and intensity of the display to match the ambient color temperature for a more comfortable viewing experience. With native 10-bit color depth, the 9 Pro can effortlessly display over a billion possible colors for the most natural, vibrant color on a mobile display. Every single OnePlus 9 Pro is ready out of the box with authentic, natural color.
Brighter, clearer, safer
Every frame delivers an impressive 1,300 nits6. With dual ambient light sensors, 8,192 levels of automatic brightness dynamically adjust to ensure maximum comfort. It's easier on your eyes too, emitting less blue light so you can enjoy your favorite content longer. From games, movies to social media, your viewing experience is always relaxing and comfortable.
A Bold, New Design
The OnePlus 9 Pro showcases the stunning “Designed by OnePlus” vision. It's an irresistible harmony of creativity, exclusive materials, and premium unibody experience. Three nature-inspired colorways evoke a sublime, dreamlike calmness. Evolved and enhanced, it dares to rewrite the rules.
Feel pure innovation
Morning Mist
The feature color, Morning Mist, utilizes a pioneering gradient refraction effect. With a specially-designed reflective glass, silver tints subtly fade to black at the edges. Echoing the serenity of a glittering dawn, the hue fades gently from a soothing mist to a mesmerizing translucent finish.
Pine Green
In another OnePlus-exclusive, next-gen 7th-Gen ‘matte glass' provides a luxuriously soft sheen and compelling textured effect. Using natural curvature, organically curved lines seamlessly create an unparalleled feeling of unity. Subtle green tones traditionally found in deep forests inspire an enduring sense of healing calm.
Stellar Black
The matte frosted glass surface is flecked with brilliance, reminiscent of a night sky filled with shimmering stars. Etched with special micro-crystals, the cool glass resonates with a dazzling effect within a mist-like finish. Uniquely compelling, the tactile experience is irresistibly soft and cool to the touch.
Designed for durability
Rated IP687, the OnePlus 9 Pro is water-resistant yet irresistible. A sublime delight for the senses, feel pure innovation with a new heart in a new body.
A day’s power in 15 minutes
The large 4,500 mAh8 battery utilizes an improved dual-cell design solution for twice the charging speed. Warp Charge 65T9 is quick, you’ll get a day’s power in just 15 minutes of charging10. Or get a full charge from 1-100% in just 29 minutes. It’s smart too. Warp charge your favorite devices using USB PD (Power Delivery)11. With Warp Charge 65T, one charger does it all.
No strings attached
Warp Charge 50 Wireless is our fastest ever wireless charging technology. Fully utilizing the twin-battery design, with each cell charging at 25W, it can even outpace wired fast charging solutions - going from 1-70% in just 30 minutes12. With two wireless charging coils in the charger, the OnePlus 9 Pro can be placed horizontally or vertically. When speed and convenience count, charge with no strings attached using Warp Charge 50 Wireless.
Warp Charge Deeper Dive
Warp Charge 65T isn’t just fast, it’s safer too. The all-new battery cell is optimized for better thermal management to keep your phone cool while charging. An upgraded dual-cell design allows charging at a higher current compared to Warp Charge 65. This results in approximately 25% quicker charging despite peak wattage remaining the same at 65W13. For maximum convenience, all OnePlus 9 Series phones also support fast charging protocols including Quick Charge (QC), USB Power Delivery (PD), and Programmable Power Supply (PPS). Enjoy fast and smooth performance together with longer battery endurance for the best smartphone experience.
Ultimate performance
The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 with 5G delivers unprecedented power. With one Cortex-X1 core (2.84 GHz) for prime performance, three Cortex-A78 CPU cores (2.42 GHz), and four energy-efficient Cortex-A55 cores (1.8 GHz), every aspect of performance is boosted with an overall 25% performance uplift over Snapdragon™ 865. Built on the new 5nm (5LPE) process node, significant power-savings allow for even longer usage on a single battery charge.
AAA graphics
The Adreno 660 GPU features 35% faster rendering than the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865, while also being 20% more power efficient. With a 35% performance improvement, the benefits include improved OLED display uniformity, picture quality enhancements, and subpixel rendering. Desktop-level features are supported, including updateable GPU drivers and patches.
Vision accelerated
The stunning Spectra™ 580 CV-ISP supports 35% increased pixel processing throughput, delivering truly next-level computational photography. With 10th-gen 3A algorithms (autofocus, auto-exposure, and auto white balance), it represents an industry-first, being powered by AI.
Next-gen 5G speed
Industry-leading 5G connectivity14 arrives with the fully integrated X60 5G Modem-RF system. A 3rd generation global 5G solution, the X60 is based on the world’s first 5nm baseband architecture. 5G carrier aggregation across FDD and TDD enables the fastest, low-latency 5G mobile speeds ever achieved. Peak downlink speeds are increased to 5Gbps for sub-6GHz (with peak uplink speeds of 3 Gbps)15. Power consumption and heat are reduced, improving performance and battery life in the OnePlus 9 Pro.
Future-ready RAM
Designed specifically for flagship devices, LPDDR5 RAM is 1.5X faster than LPDDR4X16. LPDDR5 RAM is up to 20% more power-efficient than LPDDR4X for longer use. Other benefits include: even faster multitasking and reduced cloud game latency.
Lightning-fast Flash
Supporting data downloads up to 1,200 MB/s, UFS 3.1 accelerates gigabyte sequential write speeds. Significantly faster than UFS 3.017 – the advanced flash storage system eclipses even a PC-based SATA SSD supporting 540Mb/s. Together with enhanced power-saving, these speeds complement a hyper-connected lifestyle, taking full advantage of 5G speeds making multitasking seamless.
Powerhouse gaming
To truly play with power, Pro Gaming mode unlocks the colossal CPU and GPU power of the OnePlus 9 Pro. With exclusive support for high frame rates (HFR), each gaming experience is fast and smooth with flagship gaming performance. When milliseconds count, make your ultimate play with the OnePlus 9 Pro.
Ultra-real gameplay
Enjoy a more immersive gaming experience with our updated haptics motor. With vivid vibrations at a super-responsive touch sampling rate, play without compromise every time.
The heart of sound
We upgraded our dual stereo speakers for an even richer, more cinematic 3D sound experience with precision Dolby Atmos audio. Get enhanced directional audio cues for situational awareness. Together with the new Qualcomm® WCD9385 audio codec and Qualcomm Aqstic™ platform, experience the heart of sound and feel every beat.
Cool under pressure
The OnePlus 9 Pro employs OnePlus Cool Play, a dedicated, multi-layered gaming grade cooling system to keep the internals extra cool. Designed to maximize heat dissipation, the custom-engineered heat sink efficiently and effectively redirects heat away from the components. Employing thicker graphite layers and a larger vapor chamber, superior heat dissipation performance keeps your gaming cooler even when the action heats up.
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  1. While the IMX789 sensor is 1/1.35" in size with 16:11 aspect ratio, different sensor areas are used based on specific user scenarios – with the effective sensor area up to 1/1.43" when taking photographs.
  2. Edge distortion tested internally within OnePlus test laboratory. Test date: March 2, 2021. Low edge distortion achieved using a wider asymmetrical design, with results as low as just 1% edge distortion.
  3. The 6.7” display size measurement is measured diagonally from corner to corner.
  4. Numbers are theoretical; actual performance may vary.
  5. Industry leading visual experience is based on the convergence of multiple innovations, including LTPO display, leading color accuracy, display brightness technology, Color Tone technology, and other advanced technologies.
  6. Maximum brightness tested internally.
  7. IP68: Data is based on test results using TÜV SÜD based on IEC 60529 with test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. It is not advised to use the product in seawater, at the beach, or the pool. Water and dust resistance may be reduced as device ages. Liquid and dust damage are not covered under warranty.
  8. Typical capacity is 4,500 mAh. The battery design incorporates two cells (each rated at 2,250 mAh), allowing Warp Charge to simultaneously charge both cells at the same time for fast charging.
  9. Peak charging wattage is 65W.
  10. The data comes from the OnePlus test laboratory. Test date: March 6, 2021. Test Environment Standards: Environmental ambient temperature: 25°C ± 1°C. Operating temperature of the phone when charging starts: 25°C ± 1°C. Test process: Charging commences from 1% with official OnePlus Warp Charge 65 charger. The screen stays off during the entire charging process. 15 minutes of charging of OnePlus 9 Pro with Warp Charge 65 from 1% will charge to roughly 65% of battery which can be used for 5.5 hours under OnePlus DoU (Day of Use) model. Actual performance experienced by users may vary based on the specific charging environment conditions.
  11. The Warp Charge 65 charger maintains the compatibility for Warp Charge 30T, Warp Charge 30, Dash Charge and also up to 45W PD charging. Actual performance may vary with different devices and software versions.
  12. The data comes from the OnePlus test laboratory. Test date: March 6, 2021. Test Environment Standards: Environmental ambient temperature: 25°C ± 1°C. Operating temperature of the phone when charging starts: 25°C ± 1°C. Test process: Charging commences from 1% with official OnePlus Wireless Warp Charger. The screen stays off during the entire charging process. On average, 30 minutes of wireless charging of OnePlus 9 Pro with official OnePlus Wireless Warp Charger from 1% will charge to roughly 70% of battery which can be used for 5.5 hours under OnePlus DoU (Day of Use) model. Actual performance experienced by users may vary based on the specific charging environment conditions.
  13. The data comes from the OnePlus test laboratory. Test date: March 6, 2021. Test Environment Standards: Environmental ambient temperature: 25°C ± 1°C. Operating temperature of the phone when charging starts: 25°C ± 1°C. Test process: Charging commences from 1% with official OnePlus Warp Charge 65 charger. The screen stays off during the entire charging process. The OnePlus 9 Pro with Warp Charge 65 charges from 1-100% in 29 minutes, compared to the OnePlus 8T charging from 1-100% in 39 minutes. This translates to approximately 25% quicker charging despite peak wattage remaining the same at 65W. Actual performance experienced by users may vary based on the specific charging environment conditions.
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Disclaimer: Product images and display contents are illustrative only. Actual product and display contents may vary.